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  • Developer Artur Łączkowski
  • Version 0.9
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

P.T. (for Playable Teaser) is a psychological horror video game developed by Kojima Productions that serves as an interactive teaser for Silent Hills. Even though the complete game was canceled, P.T. still offers a frightening, immersive, and well-designed experience.


You wake up in a room somewhere in an unknown house. You open the door and see it leads to a strange, haunted corridor that keeps looping and redecorating itself every time you walk through it. As you keep exploring, things will start to change, the radio will begin to report frightening information, and you will start to see a strange and horrific creature.


  • Discover the fear: You will experience a first-person perspective playing an unknown protagonist in a mysterious house where supernatural events occur. As you explore the place and solve cryptic puzzles, you will complete several loops. Let's hope you will survive the strange creature inhabiting the area and find your way out before it's too late.
  • High fidelity: The game's port has been done with great care, providing an experience as close as possible to the original PS4 title. Moreover, you will discover new details that may make a difference.
  • Smooth learning curve: This version features a tutorial that will help you learn the basics of the game and ensure you live a meaningful experience.
  • Device-friendly: You can play with any device you want, including your keyboard, mouse, or controller. Also, make sure to use your headphones to fully take advantage of the audio feedback and bring the immersiveness to the next level.
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Graphics and sound

Even though it's a fan-made project, the graphics are incredibly similar to the original PS4 game. The lighting, atmospheres, textures, animations, and 3D models have been meticulously crafted to recreate the original experience. The sound design is also quite good, which successfully reinforces the overall sense of immersion, and plays an important role in solving the puzzles.

Duration and game modes

P.T. offers a single-player adventure of about 3 hours long if you take the time to explore everything it offers. Short and efficient, that's the idea.

What do the reviews say?

P.T. has no official Metacritic score but has a user rating of 8.7/10, which is pretty good, and the community has received the game very well.

Age rating


P.T. has been rated PEGI 18 as it contains horror scenes with blood and may be disturbing for a non-mature audience.