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Resident Evil 4, the sixth game in the main saga, was the first to introduce the third-person over-the-shoulder perspective. This time, Leon will have to rescue the President's daughter alive. To do so, he will have to face monstrous creatures infected by a new parasite known as "Las Plagas".


Several years have passed since Umbrella Corporation was judged responsible for spreading the T-Virus. Meanwhile, Leon S. Kennedy had been recruited by the U.S. government to try to recover Ashley, the president's daughter, who had been kidnapped by Los Iluminados.


  • A new perspective: This is one of the new gameplay decisions. The classic fixed camera style is replaced by a third-person camera perspective moving directly to his shoulders when Leon aims at an enemy.
  • Interact with the environment: The player will have to pay attention to his environment and interact with it as the story goes on, like jumping out of a window or dodging an attack. This time, you can spend more time exploring your surroundings.
  • Weapons: It also incorporates the possibility of improving weaponry through a point system.
  • Ammo: You won't have to be especially careful when managing your ammunition, as defeated enemies will drop enough ammo to make sure you don't run out of it.
  • Items management: Your inventory is your best ally to store a limited amount of precious items you may need throughout your journey, like weapons, ammunition, healing items, and more.
  • Mini-game: In addition to the main plot, Resident Evil 4 features a mini-game in which you will play Ada Wong, a survivor of the tragedy that occurred in Raccoon City some years ago.
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Resident Evil 4 graphics have been successfully improved in many ways compared to the previous titles, as they feature higher resolution visuals, improved textures, and better lighting techniques.

Duration and game modes

Resident Evil 4 offers a solo experience where you will follow Leon's story, which lasts about 20 hours. In addition, it features three additional game modes and a short documentary:

  • Separate Ways: This is a side story focusing on Ada Wong's involvement in Resident Evil 4 and her connection to the series villain Albert Wesker.
  • The Mercenaries: It is unlocked once you have completed the normal mode. It consists of eliminating as many enemies as possible in a limited period of time.
  • Assignment Ada: You can unlock it once you finish the main story. The objective will be to collect different samples of the plague on an island.
  • Ada's Report: This is a five-part documentary analyzing Ada's relationship with Albert Wesker and his role.

What do the reviews say?

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Resident Evil 4 has a Metacritic score of 96/100 and a user score of 9.3/10, so the praise is unanimous.

"Quite simply, the ideal sequel: The developers have managed to not only bolster and dramatically improve the good qualities of an RE title, but also completely drain out the bad aspects of the RE franchise. It's a perfectly executed reinvention of a stagnating franchise." (Official U.S. Playstation Magazine)

Age rating


Resident Evil 4 has been rated PEGI 18 as it contains scenes of explicit violence and strong language.

How to play Resident Evil 4 for free on PC?

Once downloaded, you will also need to install a PS2 emulator for PC, like PCSX2. Now start the emulator, load the ISO file and start the game.

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