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  • Developer CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
  • Version 1.05
  • License Commercial
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Resident Evil 4 (Remake) is a survival horror game and a remake of the 2005 game Resident Evil 4. Join Leon S. Kennedy on his insane journey to rescue the president's daughter, discover the inherent beauty of true horror and madness, survive, and figure out what happened in those places where any scrap of sanity has vanished.


The story takes place six years after the biological disaster in Raccoon City. As Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors and a special agent reporting to the president of the United States, you are tasked to rescue the president's kidnapped daughter. Your investigation leads you to a secluded village in Europe, but something seems wrong with the place and the villagers. Survival is just the beginning, and you will discover a place where madness, mysteries, horror, and fear are everywhere.


  • Combats: The combats are going to be way more intense as zombies and creatures are more responsive and mobile, and you can now move, aim, and shoot at the same time. Melee combat is also refined because Leon can push away and kick enemies, parry attacks, and engage in close combat if it is worth risking his life. But don't think you will always have to fight, as you can vault, sprint, and jump off roofs to avoid being cornered.
  • AI and environmental interactions: The different AIs have been reworked to offer more immersiveness during combats and as you explore the different places. A big step forward seems to be the ability for you and your enemies to use the environment dynamically. For example, you can shoot a lantern over a cow, making it charge your foes; or Dr. Salvador can destroy the wooden supports above a path and carve through a barricaded door.
  • New enemies: Even though only a single very interesting new enemy (Ganado wearing a bull-like mask) has been introduced in the gameplay trailer, many more are expected to offer a horribly refreshing experience.
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  • Narrative: Many different bad or good characters will cross your path, such as the mysterious Luis Serra, who seems to have relevant information about the president's daughter; the powerful Ramon Salazar, who is the ruler of the region; Ingrid Hunnigan, who is your mission coordinator; as well as all the villagers who worship the mad leader of a religious cult. Taking place in various settings like the village, the castle, and the island, the whole story is more horror-oriented as the antagonists reveal themselves through your investigation.
  • The Merchant: This enigmatic merchant appears in some locations and will be a faithful ally throughout this lonely journey. Indeed, he will sell and buy items and weapons, but he can also upgrade your weapons and trade them for special items. So, it's always worth doing business with him.
  • Inventory: Item management is another key aspect of the adventure, so make sure to keep the most valuable items at hand. Also, unlike the original story, you can carry several knives in your inventory to compensate for their limited durability.
  • Controls: You will be pleased to choose among six different control schemes to fit your playstyle.
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Graphics and sound

Revamped using Capcom's proprietary RE Engine, the game features next-generation graphics through physically-based rendering techniques, high-definition textures, and realistic lighting, shadows, reflections, and particles. All these improvements make the different levels and places more claustrophobic, darker, and lived in. The character and zombies' animations are also way more modern and convincing as they react accordingly to damage. Also, the OST and the different sound effects skyrocket the level of creepiness. You will see, no matter whether you played the original title or not, you will fear staying in the dark.

Duration and game modes

Resident Evil 4 is a single-player experience. Duration and the potentially different game modes or difficulty levels are still unknown.

Age rating


Resident Evil 4 is rated PEGI 18 as it contains violence.

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