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MapleStory is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). This 2D side-scroller was developed by Nexon and was originally released in 2003 in South Korea. Interacting with other players, for example, through chatting or trading is possible in this game.


  • Plot: The Black Mage, that is the antagonist in the game, was sealed away years ago. However, after the events of the Big Bang, the seal is weakening and the player assumes the role of a hero who has to restore it. Nevertheless, the player will witness the revival of the Black Mage who will try to rule Maple World. Players will have to improve the skills and status of their character.

  • Rewards: Players are free to complete quests and accept various challenges for which they will get rewarded - and thanks to the Reward system, players can access items (that are normally only available in the Cash Shop) thanks to their Reward points.

Game modes

  • Classes: There are over 40 MapleStory classes between which the player can choose. Each class offers different abilities and cosmetics - you can check the full list online. This combination makes every gaming experience truly unique.
  • World: MapleStory offers a great immersive experience in the universe of Maple World. Players get to travel through lush forests, arid deserts, frozen tundras, underwater kingdoms, lost civilizations, and a city in the sky, among others!

What do the reviews say?

MapleStory has been rated Mostly Positive by over 9000 players on Steam.