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March of Empires is a medieval war MMO video game developed and published by Gameloft. Fight to protect your kingdom, hone your leadership skills, elaborate clever strategies to create alliances, conquer new territories, and become the most powerful ruler of all time. You will also be able to build lots of different buildings to make your armies more powerful and create your kingdom.


  • Choose your faction: Choose your character and become a king, a tsar, or a sultan. Depending on who you embody, the gameplay will change to offer a more coherent experience.
  • Expand your empire: To expand your empire and increase your power, you will have to invade territories, face lots of enemies, outsmart them and take over their lands while protecting your domain.
  • Build: As an important person, you will be able to build all kinds of buildings, structures, and places such as temples, trade centers, castles, and lots more. Choose wisely, what you decide will give all kinds of bonuses to your units and various other benefits.
  • Create alliances, or break them: Depending on the context and your objectives, you will have to choose to create an alliance with another faction or to betray them. Strong ones will make you stronger, more powerful, and spare lots of resources.
  • The five castles: The Throne of Dominion, the Throne of Heroes, the Throne of War, the Throne of Order, and the Throne of Accord are the five castles. One of your challenges will be to capture one or several of them to become the most powerful leader.

Graphics and sound

March of Empires combines nice-looking graphics, interesting characters, a deep narrative, and an epic soundtrack. The result is a very realistic and amazing experience.

Game modes

March of Empires is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy video game, so its mechanics and modes are based on fighting other players.

Age rating

It has no PEGI rating, but it contains scenes of unrealistic violence.

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