Post Trauma free for PC

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  • Developer RobertoSerraG
  • Version 1
  • License Demo
  • Language en

If you enjoyed sagas such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, then you will also love the horrific Post Trauma. The two titles clearly inspire the game, and it sometimes cleverly uses the well-known fixed-camera to make the whole experience even scarier. Explore this frightening place, run away from terrifying creatures, and find out what happened to you.


You are Roman, an ordinary man in his early 60s who lived peacefully until a strange event happened. One day you suddenly wake up in what looks like an abandoned train carriage, alone, with no memory of what led you to this place. You will have to find out how you got there and try to get out alive, avoiding the strange and monstrous beings that will stand in your way.


  • Riddles and puzzles: To move the plot forward, you will have to solve different series of puzzles and riddles. Please don't get fooled, stranger, because some puzzles will challenge you.
  • Explore the environment: Any piece of information could be helpful to understand what happened. Pay close attention to any detail, explore, and reveal the mysteries of this place.
  • Terrifying creatures: Of course, you will have to face frightening creatures, sometimes you will be able to avoid them, sometimes you won't. Be wise stranger, the clothes don't make the creature, and some might be helpful.
  • Many items: You will start your journey with only a flashlight and an ax, but don't despair as you will indeed find many other items, tools, and weapons that will help you throughout your horrific adventure.
  • Take notes: This is an important recommendation that will help you throughout the game. Make sure you take notes of everything that seems important to help you solve some puzzles.

Graphics and sound

Post Trauma alternates between the third-person perspective and the first-person perspective for some scenes, and it really makes the experience terrifying. All the atmosphere, the creatures, the scenery, the texture quality are all fantastic and guarantee a 100% immersive experience. On the other hand, the sound makes the whole experience absolutely frightening.

Duration and game modes

Post Trauma offers a solo adventure. Even though the title's experience is not supposed to last too long, many users took quite a while to solve some puzzles.

Age rating

It has no PEGI rating, but it should be noted that it contains horror scenes that may scare a young audience.