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Unable to transfer files from my PC to the Galaxy Tab

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Users may be unable to transfer files from a PC to the Galaxy Tab due to hardware or software related problems. When the Galaxy Tablet is connected to the PC, it can be seen as a mass storage device in Windows Explorer and a PC to Galaxy Tab file transfer can be done easily. When there is a problem in transferring the files from the PC to the Galaxy Tab, the hardware cable connected should be checked. If there is no problem with the cable but the user is still unable to transfer the files from the PC to the Galaxy Tab, the USB settings of the Galaxy tab need to be configured properly.


I want to transfer photos and music from my PC to my Galaxy Tab using the provided data cable, but my device is not displayed in Windows Explorer.


You must change the USB settings of the tablet and set it to mass storage. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Disconnect the data cable
  • From the home screen of the tablet, go to "Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networking > USB Settings"
  • Select "Mass Storage"
  • Reconnect the tablet to your PC using the data cable
  • On the Galaxy tab, press "Mount"
  • You should now be able to access the storage unit of the Tablet via Windows Explorer

Note: To disconnect your device, press the "Turn off" button.
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