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How to Resize a Partition using Gparted on Linux?

Operating systems like Linux provide partitioning software to resize partitions without any data loss. It is possible to resize a partition using Gparted in a easy and a convenient way. Gparted partitioning software is available for free download. To modify the partition with Gparted, it has to be downloaded then burned into a blank CD. This CD will be used as a bootable CD in order to resize the partition on Linux. Follow these easy instructions to resize a partition using Gparted on Linux without losing any data. The process may take some time to complete.

If you have a partition and you want to enlarge or reduce it without losing data you might find Gparted does what you want.

To use:
  • Download GParted
  • Download InfraRecorder, a program to burn the ISO image of GParted on a blank CD
  • Restart the computer by putting the CD into the drive. (Please ensure that your BIOS is properly configured to boot from CD-ROM: change the boot sequence BIOS)
  • When prompted, choose to ignore the boot options, unless you want to declare a specific device:

  • Choose the language:

  • Choose the keymap:

  • Choose the screen depth:

  • Choose the resolution:

  • Gparted should then launch and display a screen showing disks and partitions:

  • Click to repartition the disk (/dev/hda1 is usually the first IDE drive, /dev/hda2 for the second. /Dev/sda1 is the first SCSI or Serial-ATA, /dev/sda2 in the second, etc.)
  • Click "Resize":

  • A window then prompts you to resize the partition:

When you are happy, click "Apply."

Warning: After this stage, it will be impossible to undo.

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I don't know why but I was scared at first to use gparted. Like fdisk and dd are pretty scary to mess with so I just figured... Well turns out it's super easy to use! Thanks for the simple instruction.