Access your BIOS setup

To change the settings of the motherboard, the BIOS has an interface, setup the bios to change very carefully.

What is the key that gives access to the Setup?

Depending on your computer model, the way you access your BIOS set up menu will differ. Here is a list of the most common models used and the access key used for this process.

Restart your PC. While he made the memory count appears on the screen Setup password followed by the name of a key. In general:
  • "Delete" key or
  • Press "Del" or,
  • "F2" or,
  • "Ctrl + Alt + Esc" or,
  • "F1" key or,
  • "F10" key or,
  • "Ctrl + Alt + S" or,

... other ...

Indeed, the key is different depending on the model of your motherboard. If no information is displayed on the screen, it is necessary to refer to the documentation of your motherboard.

Enter Setup

Once you have visualized the name of this key, restart your PC and press it when the starting begins. Setup will open.

Reset Password

If you assigned a password and you have forgotten:
  • Remove the flat battery located on the motherboard for at least 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, replace the battery and restart the PC.

Now this can tricky: you still have to restore the BIOS settings (which can be difficult if you are just beginner.


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