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What Is an Apk File and How to Install One

An APK file is short for Android Package Kit. It is the type of file format used by the Android operating system for mobile apps. In the same way that Windows (PC) use .exe files, and MAC OS X use .APP or .DMG for installing software, Android uses APK.

Most Android users go to the Google Play Store, to download apps, however, there are alternatives. Other platforms allow you to download unofficial apps with the same level of security as that offered by the Play Store. It is not uncommon to find the latest versions of apps on these sites before they are officially downloadable from the Play Store.

Why Install an APK File?

There are several reasons why you would want to download an APK file from an alternative site:

  • As stated above, the latest versions of APK files are often leaked ahead of time and added to the Google Play Store several days or weeks later.
  • You can also download geo-restricted apps and use them in your region.
  • Finally, updates can often take a while, so you can download the most recent version before it is added to the Play Store. Alternatively if you don’t like an update, you can choose to use an older version of an app, before it was updated.

Security Advice

Before downloading an APK file, be aware that some APK files may contain malware and can compromise your device's security. Be careful when downloading from other sources outside of the Play Store.

You can download APK files here in our designated download's section.

Tip: Read the reviews and comments before you download a file.

How to Download APK Apps

Using your web browser, find the file that you want to download, and select download (you should see the file in the active downloads bar). You can also search for and download apk files on the APKPure website.

Once the file is fully downloaded, open Downloads, Select the APK file and select Install.

If it doesn’t begin to immediately install, read on.

How to Install Apk Apps

Now you have downloaded the APK file you wish to use, it is possible that your smartphone or tablet has blocked its immediate installation. This is because Android is configured to stop everything that does not come from an official source such as the Play Store. Follow these instructions to configure your device:

  • First, go to Settings and select Security.
  • Activate the option Unknown Sources to enable different installations of Google Play on your device.

When activating this option, the system will show you a warning message that you must accept. From now on, you can install APK files. You will only have to access the file manager, find the APK and run it.

If you use Android 8.0 or a later version, when you try to install an APK file, the system will automatically redirect you to Settings> Security so that you enable this possibility every time you download outside the Play Store.



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