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Take a Screenshot on Mac

If you wish to share your Mac screen with another person, taking a screenshot becomes a practical solution. When you take a screenshot, you can choose to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it, all using the tools natively available on your device.

How To Take a Screenshot on Mac

On Mac computers, you can take a screenshot using simple key combinations. If you wish to exit the process before you have taken the screenshot, you can easily press the [Esc] key in the upper-lefthand corner of your keyboard.

By default, your screenshot will be saved in PNG format and can be located on the desktop of your computer. You can always modify these settings using an external software, like Onyx for Mac. After you have launched Onyx, you can choose the file type in the Settings section and the save location in the Path section.

Capture the Entire Screen

To capture the entire screen, press [] + [Shift] + [3]:

Capture a Portion of the Screen

To capture a selected portion of your screen, first press [] + [Shift] + [4]. When you release the keys, your cursor should change into a + symbol. You can, now, use this tool to select what you would like to capture by clicking and dragging to form a box around the desired screen section:

Capture a Specific Window

To take a screenshot of a specific window, simultaneously press the [] + [Shift] + [4] keys, then press the [space bar]. Next, place the cursor, which is now in the form of a camera, in the window that you would like to capture, and click:

Using the Preview App

It is possible to take screenshots using the most recent version of the Preview app, which is installed on every Mac computer. In Preview, go to File > Take Screenshot. Then, select whether you wish to take a screenshot of the full screen, a portion of the screen, or of a specific menu.

Official Apple Link for Taking a Screenshot on a Mac

Click here to see the official Apple article for how to take a screenshot.

Photo: Unsplash+Apple

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