Print screen won't work on Toshiba

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My print screen button on my toshiba does not work! I have tried using ctrl, alt and FN but none of these seem to work. the button says 'prtsc' and then undearneath it says 'sysrq'. I have tried pressing the print screen button, then going into paint/word and clicking paste, but none of these work!

Please help, I'm desperate!

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I am unaware of the resolution, but as an interin measure, you can try the following:
Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > On Screen keyboard > Prt Screen.
Thank you

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> Denise
Found something else that works.

press the FN key and the Prnt Screen keys at the same time.
The FN key is found beside the windows-logo key ( usually bottom left hand corner).

Alos, try the Snipping Tool. To find this, type Snipping Tool in the search bar. It walks you through the process.

> Denise
I have tried all these suggestions and still cannot get my laptop to do a screen capture for me to paste in word or email. Any other ideas?

I have a Toshiba Satellite and running Vista....need to do this for class....Please help.
it worked! THANK U.
OMG thankyou!!! had ict hw thought I would not be able to do it.... YOU SAVED MY LIFE :)
Thank you Denise !!!!!!

Works !
thanks runsidd,

this worked on my windows XP too.

path of On-Screen Keyboard on WinXP is:

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > On Screen keyboard > Prt Screen.

tks to all whove contributed!
Does your OS have snipping tool under accessories? I have Windows 7 and it works great for me. You can capture the entire screen or any portion thereof.
Hey. My laptop is Toshiba, too. Just click the PRTSCSYSSRQ button and then open Paint [etc.] and then paste it. Done.
you click the button on top for 2 sec. prtsc and go to paint and click ctrl-V if tht doeznt wrk idk wat will
The key problem I think was not holding the button down for 2 seconds. Great input Dani!!!!
what button on top ?
I had the same problem with XP with a MS keyboard. I unlocked the "F Lock" function (top right of keyboard) and PrtScn works again.
thanks so much.
the fn thing worked.
I have windows 7
Wow windows 7! Do you use XP mode?
Thanks all.....the F lock solution worked for me.