How To Return Product and Get Refund on Flipkart

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Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce company. Every day millions of people shop at the Flipkart. Since so many people buy their products, many would also need to return them. Actually, the biggest reason for the phenomenal success of Flipkart is its return policy. If you are a regular shopper on Flipkart, it is important to be aware of its return policy also.

Return Product on Flipkart

The purchased product can only be returned after it has been delivered. There is a fixed deadline for returning, and it varies from product to product. A few products have a ten-day return time limit, while some can be returned in a month. Customers can avail information about this on the Flipkart app.

For this, the customers will need to visit the app, and then click on the at the top left-hand side of the main interface.

This can be done clicking on the three lines on the top of the page. This will open up a menu bar where the customer has to click on the My Orders

A new page will open which will provide a record of all the purchases made by the customer on Flipkart. For returning a product, the customer has to click on the RETURN option that appears below the name of the product:

Next page will show a photograph of the product, its order ID, and other relevant information. The customer has to go to the Reason for Return section and select why the user is returning the product, from a given set of options. The customer can also go to the More details section located below, and provide other reasons for returning the product. Below this, the customer can give detailed feedback to the company in the Comments:

After providing all this information, the customer has to click on the blue colored CONTINUE button:

With this, a new page opens where the customer has to enter his/her name and phone number. It has to be the same address where the product was originally delivered. In this page, there is another section that says- What do you want in return?. Actually, after having returned certain products their cost is refunded, whereas, for others, the product is replaced. After having clicked on this section, if one selects the Refund option, the money is refunded to the customer’s bank account:

This page will display the amount to be refunded, the address from which the product will be picked up for returning it, phone number of the concerned customer, and other terms and conditions of the refund process. Click on the CONFIRM RETURN to finish the process:

Following this, the customer’s request for returning the product will be processed and within five working days, the product will be returned to the company.

Image: © Flipkart.
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