Black Friday 2021 deals: Best Buy, Amazon, Apple

Black Friday 2021 deals: Best Buy, Amazon, Apple

Black Friday is upon us again and with it, the possibility of buying a multitude of products at significant discounts. In this article we will look at a handful of products to keep an eye on this Black Friday. This article will get updated with some of the best deals once they are known.

When is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is celebrated every year on the fourth Friday of November, right after Thanksgiving, this year it is the 26th November. Due to the wide variety of shopping offers available online, those interested are increasingly scheduling their purchases in advance. Scheduling for Black Friday consists of identifying the products you want to buy, deciding on the specific model and the best websites to buy them. Once these three points have been defined, it is always useful to draw up a list so that you can be aware of and hunt for the best offers on the fly, this will also allow you to stay on budget.

What are the best deals on consoles and video games?

This year, there's a console for everyone, whether you play Xbox or Playstation, or still enjoy your inner child playing games with the new Nintendo Switch, it is true that there's something for everyone this Black Friday. Both the Xbox Series X|S consoles and the PS5 will have been out for over a year, however as these devices are still in very short supply, do not expect any Black Friday deals on them. That said you may find some deals on the Xbox Series S as this is not as popular as the Series X, and with Game Pass this could actually be a very good deal. Alternatively, if you are not in a rush to update to the latest consoles, you will be able to find deals on the previous generation as stores try and clear their older stock. You should however ind discounts on Xbox and PlayStation accessories, such as controllers, headsets and monitors. 

For those more into family fun and vintage memories, the Nintendo Switch with its updated OLED display was recently released and is back in stock. The revolutionary console can be used in handheld, TV or tabletop mode making it a good choice for those who enjoy playing elsewhere than home. Top games include some 90's nostalgia like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and the new and the increasingly popular Animal Crossing. It also comes with a parental control guide in case you want to keep an eye on your kids activities and time spent on the console.

What are some Black Friday mobile deals 2021?

Without a doubt, this year all eyes will be on the iPhone 13, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Google Pixel 6.  Whether or not there will be deals on these top end models is unsure, however the previous iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 5 should see considerable discounts. 

What is the best Black Friday laptop deal?

When it comes to laptops, this year's products satisfy different kinds of customers with the same quality and precision adapted to each's needs. If you're interested in the design and minimalism of Apple, then the MacBook Air 2020 with the M1 chip, is the one you should be looking for, since its release last year it has proven to be nothing more than a success, it's keyboard is delightful to use which would bring you comfort if you're often working on your laptop, it's lightweight and easy to carry, although it's battery life is not at high performance as the brand new 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pros, it stills compensates by its versatility and comfort making it a top choice for students and home office employees.

What is the best Black Friday speaker deal?

Audio systems are a must in the household, if you’re a music amateur, like to listen to the news or simply listen to those guilty pleasures playing in the background there’s a couple of audio systems worth keeping an eye on. For those looking for a deep bass feeling as well as a long battery life system the Sonos Roam is an excellent pick, and coincidently Sonos' cheapest speaker. 

If you’re looking for something that can bring you both music and functionality both Google Nest and Alexa are still around coming up with brand new products that appeal to different audiences, for both products you’ll be looking into an audio system, amplified wifi extensions and voice commands to complete different tasks. Our Google Nest top choice is Google Home. For  Alexa, the top choice is Amazon Echo Studio and you can find it on Amazon with their usual Black Friday deals.