Best budget gaming chairs (2023)

Best budget gaming chairs (2023)

You may be used to gaming from your sofa, or sitting in front of your PC on a typical office chair, however spending hours in these positions whilst you game can put unnecessary stress on your back. This article will explore the key features and functions of a gaming chair and show you some of the best gaming chairs to improve your gaming comfort.

What are modern gaming chairs?

The first modern gaming chairs started to appear in 2006. Since then the humble gaming chair has developed along with the video game industry, with more and more gamers choosing a specific chair. However, gamers are not the only ones who enjoy the added comfort and ergonomic design of a gaming chair, with office workers also using them.

Why use a gaming chair?

In today’s contemporary society, more and more healthy adults and young people spend hours every day sitting in front of a PC, whether for leisure or work. The reality is that many of us suffer from back pain and other problems related to poor posture and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

To maintain a good posture experts recommend that:

  • The back maintains its natural curvature
  • The back is always fully supported by the back of the chair
  • Elbows are close to the body forming an angle of 90 degrees
  • The top of the screen is at the level of the horizontal line of sight so that the neck does not suffer.

Gaming chairs are designed to adapt to your body and help you maintain good posture. The vast majority allow you to modify their height, adjust the angle of the backrest and adapt the armrest position. In addition, many of them include cushions for the cervical and lumbar area.

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This section covers all the key features of this type of seat and their respective advantages so that you can choose which of them best suits your needs.


The main feature of many of these chairs is that they offer a reclining backrest that allows the user to change the position and adapt to the contours of their spine. Some models are even designed to lie down and are ideal for the end of a long day in front of the computer. Others offer a high and wide backrest that covers the entirety of the back and head.


As mentioned above, many gaming chairs come with one or two cushions that help keep the back upright . They are generally placed at the level of the cervical and lumbar to increase the comfort of these areas.


Almost all of them include wheels, as to move them from one place to another with ease. Some models use nylon wheels, which reduce the risk of damaging floors than metal or plastic depending on the surface.


The most recent models include a drop-down footrestthat allows you to stretch your legs, and support your feet.


Along with the wheels, the ability to rotate the base 360 degrees allows you to reach nearby objects or places without having to get up from the seat.


It is essential that the armrest is comfortable enough and padded to avoid forearm discomfort. In some chairs the armrests can be rotated.


An important detail is the materials from which the chair is made. Some models are covered with synthetic leather and others with fabric. The main advantage of fabric over leather is that it is breathable and can avoid getting stuck to the chair in hot months. In addition, synthetic leather is always more prone to wear and tear. However fabric chairs are more difficult to clean when liquid or food is spilled, so if you tend to make a mess whilst you’re gaming, an easy clean surface may be better.

With regards to the structure, the usual recommendation from experts is that it be made of steel , as it is a very resistant material and guarantees great durability.


Being designed for video game players, lovers of graphics and visuals, they tend to have quite colorful and bizarre designs. However, there are also more classic models finished in a single color, such as black.


To increase the immersion, there are gaming chairs that incorporate different accessories, such as built-in speakers, a laptop table, and even vibration sensors.

What are the best gaming chairs?

At the end of the day, everything depends on the individual. Therefore, our recommendation is that you analyze the characteristics that these chairs mentioned above can offer. And depending on your intended use, choose what type of gaming chair is best suited to you and how many bells and whistles you want.

Our 2022 gaming chair recommendations

Below we make a recommendation of gaming chairs that we like for their different characteristics and that can guide you in your search.

Arozzi Inizio

If after reading this article you have decided that breathability is essential for your comfort and you want a fabric chair, a good option is the Arozzi Inizio ergonomic chair.

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Available on Amazon for £160 ($210).

Diablo X-Player

In synthetic leather we recommend Diablo X-Player , which allows the backrest to be reclined up to 160 degrees.

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Available from Amazon for £199 ($250).


If you are interested in having a footrest, the recommendation is the GTRACER chair, which also includes a bluetooth speaker and an adjustable 3D armrest.


Available at Amazon for £175 ($225).

AutoFull Pink

For those interested in a kawaii style design, we recommend the AutoFull Pink gaming chair with bunny ears . Do you dare?

© AutoFull

Available from Amazon for £239.99 ($310).


For those looking for something more colourful , take a look at the INTEY chairs, which have a capacity of 130-150 kg and a reclining seat 135 degrees .


Available from Amazon for £189.99 ($245).

Predator Thronos Air

Finally, we will mention the Predator Thronos Air , a chair that is outside almost everyone’s budget, but we’ll include just in case you can afford to spend $14000 on a chair! This is one of the most sophisticated (and expensive) gaming chairs on the market and is intended for professionals. Among other things, it contains a motorized cockpit, three curved screens, a bass vibration and massage system. In short, the gaming chair that every video game fan would like to have.

© Acer

More information about this chair on the Acer website.

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