Shop on Black Friday like a pro: tips for 2023 deals

Shop on Black Friday like a pro: tips for 2023 deals

Right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday arrives on the fourth Thursday of November, a perfect time to acquire a wide variety of products for technology, fashion, home, and more, all of this with significant discounts. This year, it will be November, 24. This article will give you some advice so you can take the time to prepare and look into those articles you've wanted to get.

Why should you beware of impulse buying?

It’s well known that good discounts are hard to resist and make more than one of us lose our heads, but perhaps walking into Black Friday with an impulsive shopaholic mindset is not the best of ideas. We have an excellent tip to avoid losing track; make a list of the items you’ve been looking for, or need and compare which prices look the most attractive. Consider how much money you are willing (and able) to spend. And in the weeks leading up to it, see if you can take on those extra expenses.

Are all discounts true?

Due to a significant demand during the year, star products are not offered with high discounts. For example, new mobile devices launched this year, premium televisions, and other recently launched devices offer little to no discount. In contrast, others, like video games and wearables, can offer much higher discounts. For newly launched products, chances are you’ll find an excellent promotion to pay in installments. On the other hand, beware: many items marked “on-sale” during Black Friday have the same price or higher than before! For you not be scammed, take the time to look at the prices of the items that interest you beforehand. That way, when Black Friday arrives, you will be able to see if the offer is optimal for you or if it’s just too good to be true.

Where to shop?

Consider that on Black Friday, you can find offers almost everywhere. Compare different stores before shopping for the item you are interested in. There is no agreement among experts on whether buying from physical or virtual stores is better, as both have advantages and disadvantages. In physical stores, for example, you can try out or see the product in person; on the other hand, chances are you can't return it because it's a sales period, something that many online stores allow, as well as offering greater discounts on Black Friday (although it's considered that on Cyber Monday it's the physical stores that lower their prices the most). Considering the present situation, it is also a good advantage to go shopping online to avoid crowds.

Remember that the guarantees must be the same as when it's not a sales period: you can return the products if they come with a factory defect, make sure that the guarantee of your product covers this aspect. Finally, try to make sure the stores you’re looking into offer refunds and keep them in mind for those items you are not sure you want to buy, this way, you can give them back if you end up not convinced.

How to buy during Black Friday

  • Which is better, to pay in cash, by credit card, debit card? Pay in installments or all at once? Again, it all depends on your financial situation and circumstances. Paying in cash in physical stores or paying with a debit card, both in real and virtual stores has an undeniable advantage: you won't be able to spend what you don't have. If you make compulsive purchases, you may consider signing up for one of these two methods to keep an eye on your budget.
  • On the other hand, some specialists recommend paying by credit card for a reason: if there is a problem with the transaction, your bank will take care of the bill. The credit card company should take care of the refund if an online purchase does not arrive. Although sometimes the process is not easy, you should remember that this possibility exists.
  • And in the case of using a credit card, what’s the best way to make the payment? The experts advise using them whenever possible for installment payments. That way, you will avoid excessive holes in your bank account and the associated interest you will have to pay for staying in the red. This is why it is essential to know what items are a must and which can wait a bit longer.

What is the trick to shop on Black Friday like a pro?

  • Pre-register: As you may know, on Black Friday, thousands of people sit in front of their computers waiting to click and get the best discounts. If you do not want to lose time, create an account in advance in all the online stores of the brands where you want to make your purchases. That way, you will save time and ensure the desired item. Save your passwords and make sure to remember them!
  • Beware of frauds: Black Friday is a day conducive to circulating fraud with false discounts on social networks, especially WhatsApp. Don't trust links you receive; also, beware of Facebook ads. When buying, it is best to go to the official page of the seller or be redirected to it from any Social Media. Ensure you’re not buying from a third party with little information. Don't save your credit card information on retail sites; enable purchase alerts to avoid digital skimming.
  • Take Screenshots: If the website you use to buy is not the one you usually use, make sure to take screenshots when you pay and keep the images of all the transactions. This way, if the product doesn't arrive at your house for whatever reason, you can prove to the bank that there was a problem, and you'll have a much better chance of getting your money back. Keep the confirmation number of your purchases and the emails you receive from the websites.
  • Bonus points: One last trick for experts. Some brands offer their buyers discounts on products they left in the basket but didn't finish purchasing. That's why you can start buying certain products once registered on the website and leave without completing the payment. It will remain in the shopping cart, and the company may contact you after a few days offering you discounts on the product over the initial price. You don't lose anything by trying!
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