Top high-tech gifts for better sleep for any occasion

Top high-tech gifts for better sleep for any occasion

If your loved ones enjoy a long, deep, and rejuvenating sleep, take a look at sleeping gadgets that can be a great option for a holiday gift. You can find an alarm clock with a freshly brewed coffee smell, a smart mattress, a sleep robot, and more gadgets to help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of energy.

The Barisieur: Coffee wake-up machine

An aesthetic kitchen accessory and an unbelievable invention: The Barisieur is a coffee machine that automatically starts brewing coffee and wakes you up not with an annoying alarm clock but with your favorite aroma. What a gift for your sleepyhead friend or a coffee addict. The main concern is not to forget to pour water in it and set the coffee serving time (as you do it with an alarm clock) before falling asleep in the evening. The device has a classic sound alarm clock for those who do not wake up even from the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Motion Pillow

This a practical gift for all your hardworking friends with constant pain in the neck and back. The correct position of the head during sleep is one of the main factors in the health of the neck, spine, and nervous system and the absence of wrinkles on the face. The Motion Pillow adapts to the position of the head and keeps the neck in the anatomically correct position. The Solution box measures sleep quality, records and analyzes your snoring patterns.

Smart Mattress

It is no secret that the essential thing in the bedroom is not a bed but a good mattress. It is a mattress that affects the quality of sleep, comfort, and health of the back and neck. The innovative Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress adjusts to the body's curves, keeps the spine in the correct position, and creates a micro-massage effect for perfect muscle relaxation. It also analyzes sleeping patterns, and heart rate, can warm up or cool down the bed depending on the room temperature, and transfers all the data to the corresponding sleep-tracking app.

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Blackout mask with earphones

If your partner used to fall asleep to soothing music or an audiobook, but the headphones fall out of his/her ears, and your sensitive sleep makes it impossible, a Blackout mask with headphones is the salvation. Besides immersing its user in total darkness, which contributes to the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, it also contains wireless headphones. You can listen to your favorite lullaby or podcast and the mask will turn itself off when the sensors detect that you are asleep. Outside the bedroom, it's also the perfect accessory for long plane trips or train journeys, so your friends who love to travel will surely appreciate it!

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Sleep Robot Pillow

The Sleep Robot Pillow from Somnox is a new and helpful gadget for anyone who frequently goes on business trips, misses a partner and cannot fall asleep alone. Soft and comfortable for hugging, the robot mimics the breath of a sleeping person, with which you discreetly connect, start breathing in unison and fall asleep faster. The robot can be set up simply for relaxation, light, or deep sleep. If your partner wakes up at night during a business trip, the robot cushion will feel it, help him normalize breathing, and fall asleep again.

Aroma Clock Lamp

A necessary device for the most sensitive sleepyheads is the Nox Aroma Lamp. It diffuses pleasant aromas and distributes the right light: red spectrum in the evening to relax your eyes and blue in the morning to cheer you up. It can be filled with citrus perfume for a pleasant awakening, lavender for a sense of nature, or jasmine flowers for complete relaxation. You can choose your favorite essential oils for a perfect experience.

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Gravity Blanket

People suffering from insomnia are often advised to try sleeping under a heavy blanket, among other things. If one of your friends has such a problem, this could be a perfect Christmas gift for him. It stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin, and creates a sense of comfort and safety. The Gravity blanket is based on the “deep touch pressure stimulation" method that utilizes the power of weight to relax the nervous system and gives you a feeling of being held. Before purchasing it you can choose the weight of the blanket: from 6.5 kg to 16 kg.

3-in-1 Air Humidifier

This Levoit Baby Room Humidifier is perfect for kids' bedrooms thanks to its versatility. It has an extra large water tank (3L) that is perfect for 25 hours or three full nights of work, it also spreads a soft night light, and you can also add some essential oils to it to have a better aroma experience. During the wintertime, this device might be especially helpful in preventing skin dryness and breathing problems. 

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