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Software to test your hardware

If you any have doubts about a component of your computer. If you do not want to open your PC to avoid losing the warranty or you don't want to damage a component ... you can achieve it with the use of some softwares.

Test your Memory

Make use of Memtest.

Tutorial available here.

Test your hard drives


  • Today most recent hard drives are equipped with a system called SMART that allows you to get the necessary information about the hard disk status.
  • Download the software and then run .exe
  • An icon will appear in the bottom bar near your clock in the form of hard disk
  • Right click on it.
  • Options:From there you can configure the software to regularly check the disk status, temperature records ...
  • Show HDD Health: a table definig your hard disk status willbe displated
  • On the upper part hard disks are displayed, click on the one you want to check later:
    • SMART tab: here you can find out if the disc is failing. Failures are represented by red lines.
    • Health tab: it is a summary of failures and about the reliablity of your Hardisk
    • Brief Info tab: you have the main features of your hard drive.
  • To get SMART info for disc
    • S.M.A.R.T Tab
    • perform an in-dept...Button

HD Tune

This software can also test your disk. It is a download here: http://www.hdtune.com/

Crystal Disk info

Make use of Crystal Disk Info

This software allows you to check out the health status of hard disk: the temperature, the number of plugs for use, duration of operation, the name of the hardware, the drivers installed, rotation speed, the cache size, serial number ..

Testing the processor

Test your graphics card

Make use of Gpuz.

Identify an overheating PC

For this you can use Speedfan or Everest Home Edition or Gpuz or Sisoft sandra.

Test your USB flash driveand memory cards

You can test your memory cards and USB flash drive with the software: H2testw
  • Run this software then choose English version
  • Then select target
  • In the list that appears select the component to be tested
  • Then click OK

Software to test all your components

Ultimatebootcd is a toolkit for testing your components and disinfect your PC ....

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