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Samsung Mobile Phones Audio Code

Samsung phones are great handsets to own, however, some users find that the output volume of the earphones is very low. This can be increased by the volume control buttons; if you are still having trouble with the level of sound coming through then there are some audio codes that help enhance the sound output.

The hardware specifications may differ for individual Samsung handsets. The word of mobile telephony comes with many, many codes to communicate with a phone's hardware and improve its functionalities. However, it is not recommended that you experiment too much with your phone as it may be permanently impaired or stop functioning properly. The audio codes can be used to access the volume panel control for Samsung mobile phones - this may help users wanting to increase the volume-output of their earphones.

Change Default Volume of Samsung Phone

If you are not satisfied with the default volume of your Samsung mobile phone, then you can increase your audio output with the following:


*#0206*8378 # 

=> 2. H / W test
=> 2. Audio Settings
=> 13. mp3 spk
=> Rx Vol.

Level 1: 500
Level 2: 1000
Level 3 1500
Level 4: 2000
Level 5: 2500
Level 6: 3000
Level 7: 3500
Level 8: 4000
Level 9: 5000
Level 10: 6000
Level 11: 7000
Level 12: 8000
Level 13: 9000
Level 14: 9999

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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