How to transfer videos to your iPod/iPhone/iPad?

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How to transfer videos to your iPod/iPhone/iPad?

By default iOS devices can only read videos in the MP4 format. You can always try to overcome this limitation using the VLC media player for iOS. This tutorial will walk you through how to convert and transfer videos to your iOS device.

Convert video to MOV to MP4 from iTunes?

  • Open iTunes.
  • Go to the Library > Movies section.
  • Add the video file you want to convert.
  • Select the video, go to Advanced > Create version for iPod and iPhone.
  • A second video is created (in the MP4 format).

You can also convert your AVI files using Free Video Converter

Transfer videos to your iOS device:

  • Connect your iPod or iPhone to the computer.
  • It will be listed in the Device section.
  • Click on your device > Manually manage music and video.
  • Go to the Movies tab and select (check) the videos you want to transfer.
  • Click on the Sync button.


  • Movies2iPhone is a software that can encode videos in a format compatible with iOS devices.
  • Many formats are supported.
  • It is compatible with XP and Vista.
  • Download here:
  • Install the software and launch it.
  • Click on "Convert movie"
  • Select the video file
  • Click on "Destination Folder"
  • Choose the Desktop or "My Videos" ...
  • Click on "Convert movie for my iPhone"
  • Once the conversion process is completed, transfer the video file to iTunes and repeat the above operation.

Thanks to Kamu and Frantz69 for this tip!

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