Top 10 iPhone hidden tricks that'll save you time

Top 10 iPhone hidden tricks that'll save you time

iPhones have multiple tricks that are sometimes hidden from a regular user. In this article, we'll share the top 10 iPhone hacks that'll make your life easier. Note: To make the most out of your iPhone, don't forget to update it to the latest iOS regularly. Read on!

Translate text via camera

Point your camera at a product label and wait for a yellow frame to appear around the text. Then, tap on the button with three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner and select Translate


Quickly return to the top of any app

If you were scrolling your Facebook or Instagram feed for too long and want to get back to the start, simply tap the clock at the top of your iPhone screen, and you'll get back to the top of the page. 

Customize the secret back tap on your iPhone

Did you know that the Apple logo on the back of your Apple device is also a button? Shocking! You can customize it and use it to perform various actions, for example, make screenshots. To enable the back button, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap and select the desired function for double tap and triple tap. There are quite a lot of options available. The top handiest ones would be screenshot, camera, home, mute, and volume up and down.

hidden iphone features

Hide pictures from your photo library

To hide one or several photos from the media library of your iPhone, simply select the pictures, tap on three little dots, and select Hide. They will then appear in the Hidden Album that is password protected on iOS 16, so to access it, you would need to submit your passcode or use FaceID. 

Health widget

You can add your daily medication in the Health app and install the Health widget on the Home screen to never forget to take your pills. To add a widget, touch and hold a widget on an empty area, tap on the Plus button in the top left corner, and select the app to add on the Home screen. 

Delete photo duplicates

If you want to declutter your media library and eliminate duplicates, you don't have to do it manually anymore. You can simply go to Photos > Albums > Duplicates > Merge. iPhone will save ones with the best quality and resolution and remove similar ones.

Set a timer for music to turn off

If you often fall asleep with relaxing music, meditations, or calming sounds playing in the background, a trick will help you stop the sounds when you are already asleep. Go to the Clock app, and set a timer for When Timer Ends – Stop Playing. Set the number of minutes. This will turn off the music in any app after the timer ends.

Recover your Wi-Fi password

If you forget the password of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, select the network you are using, then tap on the password and save it somewhere.

Scan documents with your iPhone

Did you know that you can not only take photos but also scan documents with your iPhone? To do so, go to the Notes app, select the photo icon, and tap Scan Documents. The built-in scanner will add an image of the document from which you can copy text.

Get a text response from Siri

If you can't listen to Siri now, you can switch it to speech-to-text mode. To do so, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Responses and set Prefer Silent Responses. This way, Siri will answer you with voice only when you are wearing headphones, and your screen is locked.

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