Adaptive charging: how to charge your phone faster and protect your phone battery's life

Adaptive charging: how to charge your phone faster and protect your phone battery's life

Did you know that it is recommended not to charge your phone to 100%, but leave it on 80% maximum of charge? In this article, you'll find out how to enable adaptive charging on your phone,

Why do you need to use adaptive charging?

The lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones chemically age and that's why they decline in performance over time. Various factors influence the aging rate, such as operating temperature and prolonged periods of being fully charged. Smart charging features address this issue by observing your usage patterns. They intelligently delay charging the device fully, especially during extended periods of power connection, like overnight.

You can check your phone battery's current condition in Settings > Battery.

How to activate adaptive charging on iPhone

  • This feature is enabled by default, but if it's not, you can always turn it on. To do so, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging > Charging Optimization.
  • If you are using iPhone 15, you'll see several options, such as Optimized Battery Charging, 80% Limit, or None.
  • Our advice is to pick the 80% charging option. This way, you'll increase your phone's battery life and won't have to charge it often. 

How to activate adaptive charging on Samsung Galaxy

  • If you use Samsung Galaxy, you can also use smart charging, this function is called Protect battery. This function sets the maximum of 85%, so the charging stops after reaching this limit. On most phones, this feature is switched on automatically. If you turned it off for some reason and want to turn it on again, go to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery > More Battery Settings
  • Go to the Protect battery option and turn it on. 

How to activate adaptive charging on Google Pixel phones

  • On Google Pixel phones this option is also available, and it is called Adaptive Charging. If it's already switched on, you'll see a message on your phone screen that Adaptive Charging is enabled already.
  • If it's switched off, you can switch it on in Settings > Battery> Adaptive Charging
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