List of softwares compatible with windows 7

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 nominoki -

I'm searching for a list of softwares compatible with windows 7 before I try to install anything on my pc... can you help me?

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This is list of programs which is compatible with Windows 7:
-WinRar 3.80
-WinZip 11.2
-Avast Antivirus Home Edition
-Firefox 3.0.8
-BearShare 5.3 Pro
-Vuze 4.0
-Spybotsd 162
-All version of Flash Players
-All version of Windows Live Messenger And Yahoo Messenger
-Adobe Reader 9
-Perfect Uninstaller
-All version of Total Comander
-TuneUp Utilities 2009
-WhereIsIt 3.65
-Morton Benson
-ACDSee Photo Manager 2009
-Cyberlink Power DVD 8
-Easy CD-DA Extractor
-Ashampoo 8.03
-Nero 9
I use all this programs on my laptop and all of them works perfect.
Thank you

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it works with my win7 but my sony vegas and soundforge cant work...
Is Cstar 2006 compatible with windows 7? Because after I installed the Chinese Star 2006, I cant open it together with internet explorer nor windows media player. The Cstar is fine if I use it to type in Microsoft Word. But when my explorer is on, I cant open the cstar cos after I open the cstar, the explorer would close down by itself. Same goes for Windows Media Player. I tried re-install the Cstar with all programs off, but the problem still persist. What can I do?

really need help~tq
Adobe CS3 works fine!
Not only these but many more than 100000000000000 softwares work on windows 7 .you will find them on
useless operating system
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Listen guys n gals..Win 7 is a peice of software that is pretty compatable with almost anything you like to install. I used the RC1 ...which went tits up some weeks back as the trial ran out....however, I have since loaded an RTM version and I have to report that it is 1) quick to boot 2) quick to install. 3 ) has yet to refuse me any of my legacy software i.e. nero (any version) MS Office 2007 and 2010. old and new printers etc etc. There have been a couple of issues but a search on the web always reveals a result and all I can say is "STOP THE GODDAMN MOANING, AND START USING THE BRAINS YOU WERE ISSUED WITH AT BIRTH" I am no fan of Gates and Co, but Win 7 is, for me at least, the best bit of kit they have yet produced.

Dont install its not worth it beacuse u will be UNABLE to restore it back to factory settings after and there is alot of issues with it atm im stuck with windows 7 because when I reboot on my laptop HP I press F11 it wont go to the System Restore so basicly onces u will hate it u are going to be unable to change it back to your original windows
not true. with hp computers you are required to create a set of recovery cds when you first get it. it auto prompts you the first time you turn on your computer and its in the warranty guide, plus online. if you didnt make a set and you installed windows 7 you would have deleted all hp components on the computer and therefor also delete the recovery partition. it voids the software warranty so you will have to call in and purchase a set of recovery cds to put the os back to the original factory and to re-enable your software warranty.
> spooky104
Your comment on having a recovery partition is correct. However, you will not loose your recovery partition just because you choose not to create recovery CD's when you first start up the machine with the factory settings. The recovery partition stays intact. You can always create your CD's at anytime. Go to Options > Recovery and follow the bouncing ball and you should be ok. HTH
You are totally wrong windows 7 is moded with all possible recovery options just press f8 or any other function key
A lesson to anyone you should always trial a new operating system or cracked / pirated version on a seperate partition on the hardrive." Dual boot os" so if you don't like it or it doesn't work correctly you simply wipe from your system and continue using your original system no backup required ,no loss of programmes, file ,or anything. Definately the safest and less stressful way when everything turns to shit you know..
The one sure fire way to save your original factory settings on a new computer or an old one is to purchase an external hard drive such as the ones made by Western Digital. I actually have two of them. The first is a 500GB drive, which did wonders on the previous Gateway model that was dying a slow pain-ridden death & driving me up the wall because it kept crashing.

This past Christmas, DH and his family got together to purchase me a new Dell Studio 1745 notebook with 17.3 screen and a WB external 1.5TB hard drive. Immediately upon setup of the new computer (just as I had with the previous one) I immediately backed up everything, operating system and all on the new 1.5TB hard drive. This way, if anything happens to the notebook's drive, I can restore it back to the computer without any problems.

It is important to remember to backup your drive frequently. If you are a home-user for pleasure or play, I'd say backup the drive about 2x a month. Should the computer be used for work purposes either out of an office or as a personal business, I would recommend backing up the drive more frequently, say a couple of times a week. If you rely on form-filling software programs, back those up extremely frequently. Pick up a USB drive like the new Cruzer USB drives. This way the information can be encrypted and/or store applications and documents you may need to carry back and forth between your home system and a work system. Plugging in the USB Cruzer makes any computer you use just like the computer you have at the office or at home. It is preferable to buy a drive as large as one's budget will allow. I have two (2) 16GB Cruzer USB drives as well as one (1) backup Sandisk USB drive. Both types allow encrypted safety but only the Cruzer will allow you to work from the drive to make any computer appear as if it is your own. Either way, saving your login information onto a USB drive that includes encryption and password protection is always a best bet, which is why I use the Sandisk brands of USB drives. It works wonders for the smaller files you may need including document files whereas the external hard drives are the best for saving lots of data such as a computer's hard drive information.

All these methods do allow, or at least have in my case, one to go into the external drive and/or the USB drive to get information I need and leave the rest. I am not sure if this is a Windows 7 thing or if it works across the board with various operating systems. What I do know is that it is much easier to back up data than to lose it completely and have to start from scratch, especially when it comes to documents, pictures, emails, and other things that are irreplaceable.

Technology has made it easier for everyone, even us techie-gurus to more easily update our data so we can now practice what we preach to others whom we repair their systems or attempt to pull data from a hosed hard drive if it is possible, which in many cases it is not.
hi, ive been using windows 7 rc 64 bit, build 7600 and can verify the following software works fine on it.

comodo internet security 64 bit (free version)
winrar 64 bit (free version)
winamp version 556
adobe 9
microsoft wireless mouse 64 bit
LANrev 5.2.1 added Windows 7 support.
Stay away from lan rev its for corprate networks really not that good of a program just change you performance settings in windows.
Set full power and never for eveything.

List of software that works witrh windows 7 Pro full version

Nero 9

Norton 360

IMG Burn


convert xvid to dvd

dvd shrink 2.3

dvd shrink 3.2

office 2007

Flash fxp

easy media cover design 1.60

World of war craft pc game

HP scanjet 4890

Auto power on & shutdown

Gears of war pc game

Issues I fixed

In windows 7 there is a tool you download for free from its 500mb and is called xpmode 2 also virtual pc is there to you will need both. berfore you continue this is only supported by the pro and ultimate versions.

installed this

ran windows xp mode in a window installed nero 7 which had issues with windows 7 worked like a dream and also older games such as sniper elite. You can make this full screen also and theres a lot of extras in the virtual pc style as its twiked it rocks. So for those scared of not being to use older programs no worry. just get pro or ultimate your covered.

Also if anyone gets stuck using a wg111v2 netgear adapter for windows 7 are nice friends a netgear haven been arsed to create druivers only for the new pre-n adapters. However after downloading the latest vista drivers for this as the cd ones will be out of date it took the driver solved. however after entering my network key I could not get online strange. Result is once you start your pc you will need to click the netgear logo on your desktop each time you start your pc and wait 1sec and theres a ding your online and the netgear logo is in the tray. Also when the driver was installed windows gives you the option for it to manage your net work you just need to put ya web key in just means you dont need to press net gear lofo each time you boot ya pc.

Any other questions just ask
> smallville
which synaptic work well with windows 7?have a problem with my touch scrolls but doesn't click except I use d left and right click button
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Tune up 2009 does work on windows .most software works with it sonce microsoft worked on the compatibility issues encountered in installing windows 7 shouldnt be worrysome
as windows 7 is just taking off people are confused to weather or not the programs they use will work in the new windows operating system, well good news is at hand Because over the past few months software developers have been updating most of there current software packages making around 96% of all software brought out over the past few years that worked with windows xp, vista now works with windows 7. so theres no need to panic if a program you have doesn't work yet, by the end of the month it will if you download the updates for it.
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You really shouldn't criticize the English of others when you can't even write correctly yourself. I try not to usually nitpick other peoples spelling and grammar mistakes, but you are asking for it.
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Nate -- You used its for it's
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normally all softwares that are compatible with Vista should work fine with Windows 7.
Wrong. Since Window 7 is still in a beta stage, some of the software is still incompatible with Window 7. SuperAntiSpyware gives me the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, as well as Trend Micro.
> Rick
Hi Guy am running a full version of windows 7 pro got it early in post before launch date hee hee!!

Programs tested.

Norton 360

Image burn

convert xvid to dvd

dvd shrink 2.3

dvd srink 3.2

Office 2007

easy media cover design

Flash fxp

Word of warcraft

Epson printer r285 driver on epson web page.


Netgear wg111v2 wireless adapters and under versions do not work, however installed version 3.40 of the software and this works. When on your desktop you will have not internet access you will need to click the netgear wg111v2 desktop icon on your desktop wait 2 sec and then you will her a bling now your on the net solved. You only neeed to do this when you first turn on to access net.

nero 7 not working .

well hope this info helps you an others its all the stuff I have tested lol.

> smallville
hi there im running windows 7 home premum 64bit im having trouble finding a burning program for burning my video files I tried nero 7 but it wouldnt work I would appreciate it if u can help in this matter

> Rick
Superantispywre does not give blue screen of death I have used it on mnay windows 7 machines even during beta.
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Examples of Compatible softwareswith windows 7 -
Orbit Downloader
Extensions for Windows (Though the Enhanced Task Manager needs to be started in Vista compatibility mode)
Google Talk & Yahoo Messenger
Opera 10
Java Runtime Environment 6 U11
Logitech SetPoint 4.70
Microsoft Silverlight 2
Paint.Net 3.36
Realtek Audio Drivers
The KMPlayer (The best video player of all!)
I am running Win 7 RC 64 bit build 7100. I used TuneUp 2009 with Vista 64 bit but it will not work with Win 7. I use Glary Utilities with Win 7. The softwre that came with my HP printer works with Vista but will not install with Win 7. But I have had no problems printing or scanning with Win 7. Raxco's PerfectDisk 10, J. River Media Center 14 both work fine with 7. Norton IS 2009, Webroot's Spysweeper, and Sunbelt Counterspy all work with Win 7.

The only problems so far have been TuneUp Utillities 2009 and the HP printer software
Just to advise anyone Thinking of moving to 7: Symatec's Norton Line Up to 2010 is not compatible with windows 7, and , in fact, won't even install.

symantec is shit and a complete resource hog.
Its like a creeper vine which expands through your system and pulls as much ram as it can get its roots on to.
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Hello Victim

I can't agree more and on top it becomes useless!
What AV software do you recommend then? Please don't say BitDefender or something like that, where a patch bricks your system.
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Hello Guest,

No AV is perfect. For sure, I would stay away from Norton because of their customer service, for they charge to help you get rid of a virus that their application was garanteed to protect you against.

I have been using Windows 7 RC for some time and I am happy to report that it is stable, it is also more compatible than Vista. In fact I am playing games that wouldn't even run in XP on my computer for the first time in years. The Compatibility option now seems to work, now thats a plus.

There are a couple of problems however.

1) Most games that fail are the fault of the copy protection rather than the game, easy fixed with No-CD patch. Some game companies and copy protection providers are willing to help. However, companies like Atari and Codemasters have decided they have your money so why should they worry.

2) Some apps like tune-up and AV programs can be problematic as they are designed to work in harmony with the OS. Symantec have always been notoriously slow in sorting this sort of problem out. Kaspersky and Zone Alarm are both Windows 7 compatible. As far as I know the new Tuneup is also compatible. But I have many apps that work fine.

What you waiting for Windows 7 is a massive step forward and is the way Vista should have been in the first place. Personally I think M$ should give every Vista owner a free copy of Windows 7 as compensation, but who care what I think, lol.
Hey guys there is no need to worry, as you can change the mode of the windows during installation, u got xp mode vista mode windows 95,200 mode too. . .

So this makes the windows to run almost every softwares
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hey vish wat dyu mean??
has anyone got a wireless printer to work with windows 7?? everything I see only has vista and below?
> sisgobug
I have a Lexmark 7675 all in 1. with WI-FI and it works fine with W-7 and my wifes W-XP all wireless
I had vista -64 bit and installed W-7 64-bit and I had gobs of problems finding any of my vista programs that would work with W-7 64-bit soooooooooooooooo I used the 32-bit disc and installed it and walla! Most everything works with it, EXCEPT - I have a Kodak Z712IS camera and the install disc is NOT compatable with my OS.
> sisgobug
HP Photosmart wireless series B109 -all in one.... works beautifully with my PB laptop...absolutely no probs.
Vish means that when you wish to install any program right click on the set up file and go in Program compatibility, there you can choose for which OS your software was designed, there are a lot OS there. IF you select Win Xp SP2 then your software gets loaded as if you have windows xp sp2 ! thats really great. so you need not worry about the compatibility issues. it is all taken care of. This facility was there in Windows XP also. It is very old feature of Windows XP. Now available in Windows7 as well.
Hello!! I am using windows 7 oly and I tried wat u said (changing the working mode windows 7 to xp) I can opened the software but it creates some screen appearance problem (bad screen quality to the whole system). Now can you help me to change the windows 7 to xp mode......with good screen quality..
hey, ive got a netgear wireless internet router, and tried to install the adapter on windows 7, but it keeps saying that "the computer has detected a device plugged into one for the USB slots that have the wiring of a phone modem but with added connections on the end"???, please help, thanks
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Does Windows 7 Ultimatesupports Sun Java Ide
Becoz it is not installing in my pc.
It shows error:"The installer is unable to run in graphical mode.Please check the value of DISPLAY environment variable.
Plzzzh help.
Thanx in advance
i m using win 7 ultimate edition 32 bit and gtalk is not working in mine. can smone suggest anything.
um your idiot spyboit does to work power iso 4.4 works and power iso 4.6 also works nero 8 works but nero 7 doesent I hate nero 8 but love the new interface so im sticking with it the newier verson of daemtools work now
look this is a web site go on www.
Look you can install windows 7 and easily take it right back to windows xp or vista. This is how. First before you turn off your computer place the factory restoring CD that came with your computer in the D:\\ drive ok. And than turn it off. Turn the computer back on and press F2 . Now the forth sentence down on "FIRST BOOT DEVICE" input CDROM. Press F10 followed by Enter and reboot your computer and let windows take care of the rest. Its that simple but it took quite a while to figure out mind you. But here you go. And yes windows 7 is not all its cracked up to be I recommend XP any day. Or make your life easy and get a MAC, and you Bootcamp to run windows XP on the side for you window lovers out there and have the best of both worlds in one computer.
Can I run Office 2000 on Windows 7?