The Sims 3 Not responding

Willy - Jun 4, 2009 at 11:05 PM
 sims3fanatic - Nov 21, 2012 at 12:17 PM
i just bought the game Sims 3 and I can create a sim, but as soon as I go into building mode or even to play with the sim, it freezes, and then it goes black. I have all the requirements for the game. but I dont know what I should do about not being able to play the game in build mode, or live mode

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Same! But after I finsihed creating my character it goes to a high piched noice then it freezes and goes black aswell
Same I really want to play it but it loads then goes black and it is soo annoying and no one has an answer on how to fix it. Please please please help I really want to play!! :(
update your graphics drivers, that helped me
the best thing I have is it is scratched like it was damaged while shipping or it could be your computer

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I know I played it then it just randomly freezes then turns black and my whole computer shuts down and I loose everything I played on the game
burn it
I get Exactly the same problem with my game, I will try uninstall but I do not believe it will work. However.
This happens to me too!
I hav unistalled, and re-installed (twice)
i have all the requirements
i have deleted basically all my other games to make sure there is plenty of room
i've done everything I can think of!
can someone please help! coz I really wanna play!
because before I had Windows XP but that isnt compatible for the sims 3.
if you have vista, windows 7 what I have it can work properly.
mac doesnt work.
omg how!? I tried uninstalling it and when I tried reinstalling it, the dic was empty :S?
SimFreak > jason
Jan 25, 2010 at 09:39 PM
It works on XP
Obsessedwithsims > SimFreak
Jan 31, 2010 at 03:10 PM
No I doesn't. Well, at least not for me. It always freezes up when i'm creating a character.
so wait u mean I have to buy a new computer???
Ugh! Mine too and I have a Mac! this is so frustrating! I have been dying to play!
hi ive been havin the exact same problem, but before it used to be worst wen im on create a sim the screen turns multicolored n blotchy so I called them up and they told me to type in dxdiag in run in the start menu and a window should come up direct x diagnostic tool wen it finished loadin click save all information n save it on desktop. Then open it up look 4 were it says card name it should say the card name n then a year nxt 2 it. U may have to update it if it is old. You can do this by going on google and type in ati website and then watever your current card name is download the lastest version. Although after I done all this the game still freezes. but it worth a try
Really now? I have tried control alt delete multiple times and it does squat, so please don't presume that what works on your machine works on others.
Yeah, trust me. My system runs anything but the minimum requirements. I friggin' bought my computer becuase it's a high end gaming computer. And. . . The Sims 3 shuts down on me all the time! D: I've tried Alt+Ctrl+Delete multiple times, it just DOESN'T WORK. I have to hold my power button too. >.< EA really need to fix this. It only happens on the Map View for me. Occasionally in Live Mode.
Yeah I have the same problem too. Ctrl + Esc doesnt work, neither does Ctrl + Alt + Del. Its annoying, Im a major sims fan and was really looking forward to sims 3! And the sad part is, it worked at the start, so now Ive seen how good it is, I cant go on i'm really dissapointed.

Anyone who can help please do. I have the same problem as all of these people.
yeah I know it really sucks... its the same for me and now I really want to play it but I cant!!
dave + Hannah
May 3, 2010 at 11:14 AM
you can press play haha messin it dosent work!!
Jun 20, 2009 at 07:12 AM
I am so so pissed off that this is happening,
my god EA needs to buck their fucking ideas up and get the patch, or better yet just create the game with no gliches.

i waited so long.
does anyone know when there will be a patch availble?
Jun 22, 2009 at 06:49 PM
i had that problem too, but its cause your video card for your computer is not updated.
go to the website of which your video card brand is (for example direct X) and see if your video card
is up to date. chances are its not if its doing that.
I am having the same problems and EVERYTHING on my computer is updated. It has fixed nothing.
Curlyandbored..... It's a bug in the game. They are trying to come up with a patch to fix it... I have updated my video card, have more than the min. requirements and it still crashes on me... Just letting you know it's not JUST the video card :)
Ugh! Same thing is happening to me and my dad thinks it's all my fault :(

D: Stupid patch needs to come out!!
Finally, the sims 3 patch is out, but the problem with crashing remains the same. :(
Just press four if it freezes it works!
are u sure?
hey... so I bought the game and still haven't opened it now that everyone says it won't work... is there a website I can go to that will tell me if my computer can play the game or not? im worried about trying it now... and I have no idea what my computer is... I can run sims 2 fine and it's fast...
It apparently doesn't matter if your computer has the minimum requirements or not - the game will randomly not work. My computer is well over the minimums and it still crashes constantly. I would honestly just wait until this problem is fixed to open or play the game, because all it does is frustrate you.
yh go on

an scroll down to The sims 3

then click on can I run this. make sure you have the java it needs

an on my sims 3 its kinda different coz everytime I go on create a sim or change apperance the music stalls like a cd thats scratched and it suddenly closes on me an goes back to desktop an the game isnt scratched coz I only got it on friday an it happened that same day???
Oct 4, 2009 at 07:46 PM
it odes respond and it is #^$%%#^$^ing awesome
hello !

i bought the sims 3 a few days ago nd the same thing happens! its sooo annoyin !
i brought the game back thinkin there was a fault etc... in the game! the man at the shop told me to type in DXDIAG in the "search " part of your "start area".He also gave me a new copy of the game!
i went home and I did what he told me and looked through dxdiag ..... turns out I only have 2086mb r somtin of memory! :O:O:O

so i'd recomend you check your settings b4 u buy the game! :)
Well, I totally agree with you, becky.
It's very important to check out your settings first, before install the game, but!, I didn't understand why you're complaining about 2086 mb of memory? It is more than 2 gb and that means you have more than maximum requirements for RAM.
It's good you have so much memory in your computer. :)
Yo, I'm getting exactly the same problem.. the whole computer freezes and the only way is to restart.

I have a brand new comp with quad core, nvidia gtx 260 and 4 gig of ram so I know my computer is wayyyyyyy above the requirements..

So it's the game that is bugged? Let's hope they can fix it pretty soon.. Releasing a game that crashes on people's computers for no apparent reason is pretty embarassing on EA's part.
yeah I tried putting sims 3 on both of my computers and it shuts down what to do I mean I cant even get on anymore I am getting a new game hope this one helps!