The Sims 3 Not responding

Willy - Jun 4, 2009 at 11:05 PM
 sims3fanatic - Nov 21, 2012 at 12:17 PM
i just bought the game Sims 3 and I can create a sim, but as soon as I go into building mode or even to play with the sim, it freezes, and then it goes black. I have all the requirements for the game. but I dont know what I should do about not being able to play the game in build mode, or live mode

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when I first got this laptop, I bought sims 3 and it worked fine, a few months later, I reinstalled my OS (vista home x32 and all the service packs) I did not however reinstall the Sims till now, I have simcity societys running fine but I have a problem with my Sims 3. pretty much the same problem as all the above. I was able to patch the game with the recent patch provided by EA and when I started playing the game, I had the problem. After creating a family I was able to move them into a house, but I wanted to build a house from scratch. so what I done was I went to Edit town in the menu and clicked the appropate area. however, when I tryed putting a wall down, it froze, so I tried again. then after the third try it froze completly, and went straight back onto the desktop of my computer.
But like I said, I had it installed months ago and work fine, its only recently when I reinstalled it, the problem happens. im really annoyed and want to play the game in peace.

[update] I also cannot access the options on the game, as I click it, nothing happens.

Now I have reinstalled the game and I have turned the automatic updates OFF. I booted it up and the game now works fine. I hope this helps.

Your fellow gamer, Mandow
that happened to me and ppl from green triangles said that I need a graffics card and you have to by the computer with it im there so I had to by a new laptop for it to work
as soon as I push the "back button" in buy mode it crashes to my home screen. I have a brand new 24 inch imac. i've uninstalled and reinstalled two different discs twice. this is ridiculous.
My comp freezes after every 5 minutes of gaming. The sims 3 was hit first and I tried EVERYTHING to get it to work. I deleted the mods that I downloaded at the time I was playing and any after the date I last played when it still worked. I reinstalled it. Nothing worked. Then I installed sims 2 because I wanted to play sims. But guess what? It STILL froze after 5 minutes. I dont know what to do. Please help! I have all the system requirements and my machine is extremely updated.

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I was having the same problem but I went to and e-mailed them and they told me to download the easy tool and I did and I found out that my pocessor was too slow for the game. And that means that will run for a while till you get to some part that is too hard on you processor(by the way you need at least 2.00ghz processor).

Guys don't worry I've had a fimilar problem Here I will explain.
I've bought sims 3, with less than the system requirements, it works excellent.
amazing graphics, and sound.
gameplay is amazing.

I downloaded the game with only 3gb of hard drive (less)
and alot more less.

laptops might let the game work more smoothly because, My one doas not check the system requirements, (lazy).
I've got a compact, I used to have a newer version of the acer aspire, they both worked fine.
Pc's check every file.
About this problem, your graphics card (mainly for Pc users) is struggling to keep up use the in game tools
to lower the graphics and maybe the sound.

My problem is that I inserted the game and it says there is no card in the cd-rom drive, (weird).
Can anyone help me, I'm downloading the newest patch now. hopefully this will work!
you can only have 1 file or it will crash
Dispite what you think, Sims 3 does not work properly on Vista 64bit, only on 32bit. I'm having a battle with EA games right now trying to return the stupid game, because I refuse to spend more money to get the requirements for the game (upgrading to Windows 7, which doesn't have a patch yet to move from Vista Home to 7).

If you have 64 Vista, you're screwed, because EA games will not do a thing. Trust me.
when I stick the disk in my computer doesnt do anything . my computer is an emachines computer and I jus got it a year or 2 ago my cd drive has been acting stupid anyway lately how much would a drive cost to get one that reads games and cds
Dec 28, 2009 at 08:59 PM
Ok I am oficially pissed off that when ever I am in the process of making a sim it freezes then turns black. I havent even fully played with a family in a house. Its crazy! If anyone can solve my problems you can contact me at (email adress) Thanks hope you can solve my problems :)
ok, I thought I was the only one that had this problem... but apparently everyone is having this problem... I can play in Build mode for hours and the game runs smoothly... but right when I try to play in live mode, the game completely stops and the screen goes black... I try to ctrl alt delete but that doesnt work. I have to turn off the computer via power switch... my pc definitely accedes the requirements for sims 3 to play, so I know its not my comp. Well, im not a computer genius or anything, ive tried several things but nothing has worked... So if anyone can help PLEASE!!! im pretty sure this is a glitch that is in all the ea sims 3 games so probably nothing we can do... ill be taking mine back to the store and just wait till EA fixes the problem... :( :( :(
me too. I just had to do a recovery on my computer and install the sims 3 again because before it was going sooo slow. it works just fine it creat a sim, fast and everything. but when I got to build mode it freezes and then goes black. and then all im left with is doing ctrl+alt+delete. sae with when I get about 10 minutes or so into the game. can anyone help me please?! I really really really wanna play my sims 3 because I haven't played it in forever.

please help me? [:
It sounds like a registry problem to me try downloading and installing CCleaner, its free and should help you remove it for good and then you can do a clean install

MAYBE, it's not working for some of you because you are using a MAC hahaha! They have all sorts of problems right out of the box, and don't forget that you pay a small fortune for one when you could build a computer that's 3 times better for the same price.. Plus you can't really do anything important with a MAC (or even play a game correctly for that matter!)
Runs fine and dandy here on Windows 7 x64.

Phenom ii X4 955 (overclocked to 3.8)
4 GB DDR3 1800 (overclocked)
GTX 260 (overclocked to 729/1458/1240)

Find those specs on a store-bought MAC "system" LMAO
My big sister has uploaded all these Sims 2 and every time I want
to go on there and press the play button it doesn't work.It's not fair I like Sims 3 more then I like Sims 2 it's all
because all these Sims 2 all spoil Sims 3.
I love Sims 3 so much I just always just think Sims 2 had to existed.You know I just think of that
no everyone is probably wrong this same thing happened to me, your computer might not meet the requirements of the game. like you hard drive or ram might be to low so I suggest going by best buy or wherever you bought the computer and getting it added its not to expensive and nt mine works fine. and if it doesnt work you can just have them take it off and try something else. its worth a shot
I'm not a sims player my girlfriend is.
I'm a Wow player.
If I understand well EA has sold this game to like thousands of ppl while it doesn't work or only for 50% of the players... Nice one EA way to go. Next month i'm bringing out the sims 4 it will be a empty dvd in a nice package let see how fast I get rich of it. This is mayor thievery !!!!
whenever I try to play sims 3 it will play the little preview and then the loading screen will come up and when it reaches the end it just stops, the music continues but nothing happens
installed this tried to update then it gave me an error when it was done updating and said it was missing a dl set up or something then when I try to uninstall it it gives me an error and I dont know wat to do can someone help me
try this ! when ur game start to not responding press ctrl-alt-del ,wait 3 sec, if nothing hapen press S "for sim3 processus" then press del "for kill procesus ", and then enter " for Yes I want to end sim3.exe"