The Sims 3 Not responding

Willy - Jun 4, 2009 at 11:05 PM
 sims3fanatic - Nov 21, 2012 at 12:17 PM
i just bought the game Sims 3 and I can create a sim, but as soon as I go into building mode or even to play with the sim, it freezes, and then it goes black. I have all the requirements for the game. but I dont know what I should do about not being able to play the game in build mode, or live mode

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tanisha, on Mar 2, 2010 9:43:50 pm GMT


Installed this tried to update then it gave me an error when it was done updating and said it was missing a dl set up or something then when I try to uninstall it it gives me an error and I dont know wat to do can someone help me

Get out of here this thread is about sim3 not responding it not about how much u fail in life

btw: try using runcomand ---> " regedit " and try to erase everything about sim3
I have the Sims 3 as well. My house has 3 computers and 2 of them were old and out of date but I could still use it. The sims 3 doesn't work on old computers so maybe that is your problem. It works on our new computer.
it happens to mine to. press ctrl alt delete task manager as soon as it freses. it works
i have that 2 and I goes blank and stops

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Fixing the sims 3 is hard but if you go into windowed mode, (I got this from someone else) it works quite alot better. It crashes sometimes or freezes up but if so, Press ctr>alt>delete and that also works for minimizing the game. If you go on youtube I reccomend Jay012345678912 Lets play the sims 3. He is hilarious and funny and puts a smile on your face!
ObbsessedwithAvatar(the movie)
Apr 7, 2010 at 05:05 AM
I have the same prob. I am a big fan of sims I had it since the first game came out 6 or 7 years old. 1 was okay, can't really remember. But wen two came out I begged my sister to get. I loved it, but wen sims 3 came out I ordered but it came earlier then it was in the shops. After a week,with iut it started to crash. It sometimes starts my whole computer over again. And I havn saved it n. If that happens save it quickly or...
Esc the came. and wait to see at the bottom it will say something like disc player stopped responding has recovered and go bac, on.
Hope this helps, and also wipe the game before u put it in.
I'm a sim freak and i'm proud.
by ObbsessedwithAvatar(the movie)
I've got that too!Uninstall and maybe it workds
Someone u dont know
Apr 8, 2010 at 12:51 PM
Well, this happens to me too, but I think you need to make your your updates are up to date. I have norton virus and it basically scans for up dates but I do not have internet so its a problem but if you have then great. it should work. I think. Just a suggestion.
Quick question. Are you all or some of you running the bare minimum requirements? It would help more if you listed the actual specs of your computers. Remember the game has listed the "requirements" for the game to run, but they do not say "FANTASTIC game play with these minimum requirements".

My suggestion to those that have at least 2GB RAM, Dual Core Processors, and 512MB Video (that works with SIMS3)

You may have so much starting up on your computer taking up half of your RAM from the start. Are you running Vista? XP? Those two will play a major role when it comes to sims3 play and your Memory avail.

I highly recommend you check out this free little tool (its far better than any System Task Manager by far) to see what actually is running on your machines, and what you can or cannot shut down on start up or while running the game.

I hate that fact that all these software companies think we want their little piece of heaven to load on each system boot. Its annoying yes, but we as PC owners have to keep it under control. Find out what's running and much more by this free tool. Get the Standalone English Version (No Need for Pro) or get the multi language if needed.

Once you investigate a bit more to find out what you can safely shut down you may find Sims runs better. Another GREAT place to review is Black Vipers helpful settings. He tells you what you can safely shut down in the OS and more. Like what is the default, and if it is needed and why. I suggest you choose your proper OS i.e. XP, Vista ... this is the link to the XP SP3 32 bit

GOOD LUCK everyone. I know how much you want to play the game so I figured I'd take the time to at least offer some help :)

Dumb ass your computer has to much data on it and the memory is full!
I am not 100% sure on this, but I know that you aren't the only ones.
I think that this is a global thing, which is why the website is down.
You don't have to be connected to the internet to play the game, but maybe there is a patch/update that we all need...that we can't get yet because the forum is down.

Wait it out a few days, it should be up and working again (the game and site).
i have the same prob. but my crashs when I save....idk if I should delet then put it back on cuz it did not do this before.
it will do that for a while but not forever, mine did that for about two months then stopped.
it happened to me also
what you could do is when it is bout to freeze press ctrl and esc real fast and let it sit for a min and than bring it up again thats what I have to do if you dnt wanna upgrade
What help me was freeing up space on my computer and then installing Direct x at lease 9.0, or better graffic card.It help me play longer at least.
The same thing happend to me, until I got this guy to fix my computer and/or laptop, days later I was able to play my sims 3 game without a problem
If your computer is anything like mine you should try going to the games section and look at your game rating. Sims 3 requires a rating of 3.5 minimum and 4.5 is recommended.
burn it
haha well im not reli into computers nd GB nd MB so I thought mega bites wer smaller r somtin cause it doesnt work 4 me :P:P im silly :)
Kayla Elizabeth
Aug 3, 2009 at 06:48 PM
My sims game just started doing it today ugh. and when I try to open the sims 3 folder the files are corrupt and damage this just started doing this when I enabled my active X controls and let me the ea downlode manager work im thinking thats what it is.