Cannot connect to my facebook page

 Abiha -
Whenever I try to log onto my facebook page it doesnt work! After filling out my email and password, and press login, I always get an error message, 'done, with error on page' at the bottom of the web page and it doesnt move. pls help as I can never log on using my system. did I accidently block something, i've tried to clear pop-ups but that isnt working either.

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Just clear the cookies and browsing history and restart Internet Explorer
Thank you

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For facebook: try to add to your 'Trusted Sites' in Internet Explorer..
It worked for me.
thanks for that! Now my Dragon Age Origins Blog's Facebook works again. thank god!

Go to


And then go to


Then in the second box from the top it should have buttons to activate cookies for third party and
non third party sights.

PM if you need any more help.
i cant open ma fb please helpppp me :( it says page error
um usin opera . google chrome nd tried othr browsers too but its not openin :(((((
it want let me log in 2 facebook
I am having the same problem in Internet Expolorer 8 and 7 it keeps telling me Cookies are disabled and won't let me connect to facebook.. It used to just time out and say done but now it just gets stuck in the cookies loop, I have tried all the things suggested here and revert to IE 7 and it is still happening has anyone found a fix yet. I can connect just fine with Safari from the same laptop but not with IE. FB is the only site I have this issue with in IE.
Any help really appreciated...
I had the same problem, tried different things but the only thing that helped was installing another internetbrowser, I installed firefox and now everything works as it should...
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hello to everyone! So my facebook website is not working, when opening the page, a massage is coming and saying the facebook website is blacked. which option should I use to open my facebook website. thank you