Moved my computer and now I can't get a signal

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I built a gaming pc about a month back, but I haven't been able to really use it because I haven't had/couldn't afford Windows 10 until next month. I had used the Windows 10 trial to install what drivers I could, but I was not able to install my GPU driver yet. Yesterday, I unplugged my PC, which has an all glass case, and I CAREFULLY moved it about 5 feet away to it's new location, AFTER having removed any static that I had built up. This morning I tried to power it on for the first time since moving it, and I am getting a "no signal" reading on my monitor. I tried using a different HDMI cord, I tried an RGB cord, I tried a different monitor, I tried to hold the power button down for 60 seconds while unplugged, I removed and re-inserted my GPU and RAM, and I even tried to plug the monitor into the GPU directly, even though that didn't work before due to not having the drivers installed. The motherboard is powering my fans, mouse, and keyboard, and has a display light that runs throughout it, and my GPU is also fully lit up. Does anyone have any ideas what could possibly be causing this, and how I can fix it?
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Normally when this happens it can be traced back to a bad internal cable connection or video card connection. Sometimes it's a problem with the motherboard power connections.

Most motherboards lock out the m/b video port when it detects a video card. So you need to remove the video card to enable the m/b video port.

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