How do I get back into my email?

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I appreciate your team and support taking their time out. To help me out here. I got my child and I away from our abuser who stole my phone and hacked my account. I have been trying to get back into my account for several months now. Every time I approve that I can get into my recovery email, I am told that Google can't verify that the account belongs to me.

I am not able to get into my account. I never ever given my security question to answer. Also when I put in my name on the account when they ask for it, It say there is no name matters that account. My name has also been changed on it.

My Facebook has also been hacked by my abuser and I cannot get into it without getting into that email at. All of my daughter photos and videos are on that account. This is highly upsetting for me. I have been trying to get back into my account for several months now. Please help!

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Jan 3, 2019 at 06:31 AM

Based on what you have explained, the first thing is to try recover your Google account which is possibly hacked. Please follow the instructions written on this link.

I hope, it is the same Gmail which was used to log into the Facebook. Once the Gmail is recovered, follow these steps to recover your hacked Facebook account.

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That the problem I have done the recover your account multiple of times. Even those I prove that I can get into my recovery email on here and give them the code, and give them the password I made with the account, when it ask for the new or a old one I can remember, and give them the date it was made. I told thank you for proving you can access the recovery email, but we can't prove this account is your. I not even given my security question to answer. Or any other way to be able to get back into my account. I appreciate your guys help!!!