PS3 Slim turns on for 5 seconds, then shuts off

MrMann09 - Updated on Jan 8, 2019 at 01:29 AM
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Hello PS3/PS4 users,

I'd first want to start out my problem with the intro. So, I've left alone my PS3 for I think a year now (due to my interest in PC gaming) so it's just sat there on my desk, collecting dust. So then, up to today, Ii wanted to try out the PS3 again, since I've left it alone and not give it any sort of love to it.

So, I turn it on, everything seems to be working, the PS3 boot up screen lights up, the fans are spinning, everything seems to be working. But, then, after booting up into a game, I hear from what seemed like something electrical inside the PS3 goes off. Like if I forced the poor thing to turn off via the power button. So, I check to examine it. And, to my surprise, the red light is not showing up. And I was sure everything was connected to the PS3. And, so now, I am left with a barely surviving PS3.

I also tried disconnecting the power cord and re-plugging it back. The red light shows up again, but this time, when I turn it on, my display doesn't show the PS3 boot screen, and then now, it just shuts off for more than 5 seconds, and the same electrical sound I heard from when I first booted the PS3 came on came back. I really would appreciate any help from anyone who knows about this situation and how to fix it.

Thanks again, I really hope I can get my baby up and running again!

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Sorry, the CM could only modify your post and not answer it! Let me explain what the other have passed up!

Dust causes added paths for electrons, allowing ELECTRICAL PARTS to CONDUCT when they shouldn't.
The Dust may have been laying on the board, because NO AIR was moving in it! It is fried as a result of bringing out of "moth Balls" and not cleaning it first!

Does it smell like a fried electrical part? IF no, then do this before it is too late:
Unplug it, and blow it out with a can of COMPRESSED AIR!

If it does smell like it has a BURNT smell, it is fried!


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