Notification preview not showing after IOS 15 update???

157042tw - Sep 22, 2021 at 07:11 AM
 fz - Nov 3, 2021 at 05:42 PM

I just updated to iOS 15 and now messenger isn't showing message previews when my phone is unlocked.

All relevant settings are ON and I have tried resetting the app and the phone as well as deleting and reinstalling>

Is anyone else having this issue?? What do I do?

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I’m having this same problem too, and it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY. If someone “reacts” to my message, I’m notified that so and so reacted to my message, but when getting a message it just says “you have a new notification.” I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Messenger and Facebook, restarted my phone. Went into my phones notification settings for Messenger, turned it all off and back on. Did the same thing in my actual Messenger settings. Nothing has fixed it. Ugh
Still happening to me
Ramz > Svas177
Oct 6, 2021 at 09:14 PM
Same here. So frustrating ????
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Hello everyone,

It seems that it is a bug caused by the latest version of iOS 15.

I suggest that you wait for the next update of iOS and Facebook Messenger.

Good luck
I am having this issue as well. Most likely, Messenger just needs to update to be fully compatible with iOS 15. This is what an Apple rep. told me after all of this troubleshooting. They wanted me to factory reset my phone. I was like I'll just wait until a Messenger update. Until then, we're SOL.
I’m too having this same issue
Sep 23, 2021 at 06:19 PM
I’m having the exact same problem. I can’t stand this. After being so excited for the update now I’m disappointed.
Same here - just googled and saw it’s a common fault. I’ll wait for an update
Hi same issue here. Did you solve it?
Nope, no idea. Although I've noticed that when someone reacts to a message I've sent them i do get the correct notification with a preview for that but still not for actual messages people send me.

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I am also facing the same problem. Please let me know if you have any updates on how to fix this problem.
This is crazy every time there’s an update it happens Apple needs to handle this not messenger get it together Apple
I am also having the same problem with my messenger. It only says “you have a new notification” i have tried everything you could Imagine. Guess i am not the only one. I am also having problems with my apps not wanting to update. I can’t tell whether i need my apps updated or not.
Yup, stopped as soon as I updated to iOS 15. I am sure they are both pointing fingers at the other quicker than they are trying to fix the issue.
Hey, I'm having the same issue. Were you able to figure anything out?
Nope, no idea. Although I've noticed that when someone reacts to a message I've sent them i do get the correct notification with a preview for that but still not for actual messages people send me. .
do not disturb
concentrate mode disabled

and it work
Same issue….
Sep 26, 2021 at 07:20 AM
I have had an issue where my messages are saying sent when in actuality they have sent

Me and my partner both got the update and now on messenger we are receiving messages from each other but they always come up as *sent*

I tried re installing

And reporting the issue in chat

Nothing is working
Hi there,

You aint alone! Im also having same issue ???? fortunately for my partner his phone is okay and yet I thought it was my phone itself. We both have 11 Pro Max.
Im having the same exact issue!
Having same issue!
I reckon iOS 15 has messed this up. We can only hope for an next upgrade to fix it. The space bar issue sounds like a real headache!!!
Where to find “parameters” in settings?
I just want the little number back telling me there’s a message for me in Messenger….
I was wondering if this was o my happening to me . Well it appears that there’s a bug in the last ear iOS update, so I guess it should be solved soon
My notifications suddenly decided to work again today. I did nothing, it just started to work ????‍♀️ Hope it works for you all as well.
I think I saw same - however, didn’t quite believe my eyes - and nobody has Messengered me since !! Lol! Keeping fingers crossed all is indeed resolved and well again…
mine did the same! lol
You have to long press on the notification to load up the previews and actions like before.