ACER Aspire X3200 XP drivers needed

 sirlibor -
I was wondering where I could possibly download drivers for my Acer Aspire X3200 for Windows XP I am setting the machine up as dual booting, because Vista is not what I'm looking for right now. Please respond with link to obtain driver. Thanks so much, have a great day.


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hi there,

nothing is impossible here,

use following link from official acer website and download drivers:;jsessionid=56A895B6E7FD578C369618F933E6A195.public_a_us003?LanguageISOCtxParam=en&miu10einu24.current.attN2B2F2EEF=3750&sp=page15e&ctx2.c2att1=25&miu10ekcond13.attN2B2F2EEF=3750&CountryISOCtxParam=US&ctx1g.c2att92=447&ctx1.att21k=1&CRC=2141378519

HI there is just audio driver, what about nvidia, ethernet etc.???