Can't log in to Facebook because Code Generator fails

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 Basp343 - Nov 6, 2022 at 03:10 PM
When I try to log into my fb account on desktop I need to get the code from the Code Generator on the mobile app which I can't get because I can't log in there either because I don't have a 3rd party authentication app and I don't have the recovery codes. When I don't fill in the code it asks me to 'try another way' which it doesn't give me, it only explains where I can find the Code Generator or use a browser where I am logged in.. It also says that it will re-send an sms which I don't get. I do receive sms for changing the password.
What can I do???
It all started when I got logged out every 10 minutes. Once I got logged out of the phone I was stuck.
Can anyone help me???
Thank you

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I checked with the account manager if there was anything she could do for all the other 'victims' in this forum. She gave me a link to the chat. However, I don't see a chat here, just preprogrammed solutions.:

Also, if you have a business account, you might be able to apply for an account manager with Meta. That person can help you towards the solution:

Meta Marketing Pro

Hope this helps!