My ipod touch is a plain white screen [Solved/Closed]

 sophie -
Hi,i was on my ipod touch 2nd generation last night and i switched it off 2 go get a drink then i cme back n when i tried 2 switch it on i went on ma songs then i couldn't press the menu button as it didnt work it playes songs n everything but i couldn't go on my games so i tried pressin the menu and the off button together and now its still playing my music but now rhe screen is completley white completley white !!sum1 please help mee !!

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I had the same problem! all you do is hold down the home button and the power button at the same time for 10 seconds! this is what worked for me! hope i helps!
Thank you

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Dear Sir,

Just hold the power button for 10 seconds,

This will solve this problem with is very common

i tried do do that did it work for you i dint work for me

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