Computer beeps at start then shuts down

 igotcha -

I have a computer that I recently had to install a new power supply. I changed the power supply and worked fine for about a day. Now if I let it sit for awhile, it will start to start up and get to about as far as the Windows XP screen then shut off. Then if I try to restart it, I get and beep sound..alternating beep between two tones. It barely makes it out of the bios before shutting down then. I had pulled everything (ram, processor, graphics card) out before I changed the powersupply. It worked for about a day and then the next day nothing. Any thoughts?

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Yes, I replaced with same wattage power supply. I will try removing the RAM, but I think it was the ram it would not start up at all and would be solld beeping noise not an alternating one. The other fact is it worked for 8 hours the day before.
hello sir
it may your ram ...just replace your ram if you think is broke....
Any other thoughts?
I recent restarted the computer and after the bios, I got a message stating the computer was recently shut down do to thermal overheat - press Enter to continue. It then shut off on its own. Computer Dead???

Dear Sir,

Did you replaced the power supply of same power??? I mean the watt?

This is may be a ram problem,

Just remove and insert it again