Plantronics 480 VPB Headset - no sound

 shivvy -

I'm using a Dell Dimension 5150 with Windows XP Home and just was gifted with the above headset. No problem with my speakers or mic plugged into rear of computer, however, when plugging into the headset and mic jacks on front of computer I still get only the speaker sound. I've tried going into the volume control panel and there's no "advanced" option for line in. How do I switch from speakers to headset?

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Hello Sir,

This is not a problem with your volume settings or anything!
It's just that your front panel is wrongly connected to the motherboard!!

I will advise you to use the rear connectors


Thanks for your response. I stated my problem incorrectly. Actually, if I uncheck the mic mute in Volume Control, the mic works, however the headset earbuds have no sound. This would indicate the front jacks are working. I'm thinking that either I cannot operate both speakers (connected from rear) and headset at same time or cannot switch from one to the other. I thought I was not switching to a line in, but there's no option for me to switch from rear jack to front jack. Do I need to purchase some type of switch to do this?
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idk im having the same issue...