Laptop Shut down by itself

Blocked Profile - Aug 13, 2008 at 10:32 AM
 karthikeyan - May 9, 2019 at 07:43 AM
Hi I was doing some stuff on my laptop and it just shuts down and lost my work. And I notice that everyday it does this with you think it's a virus ?

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Well I had similar kind of issue,when my laptop was on it never charged the battery and the low battery beep was on even if its charged.When I off the pc and charge it the battery charges well.In some days I reinstalled the windows formating all the drives so to get a clean hard disk..It worked well for 1 month.Now what I have got is that when the pc is off there is no interference of any OS routine or any software which is involved in charging of pc so it charged well while it was off.But when I power on the pc and the software executes it halts the charging.I guess there is some problem with the execution of software halted by some virus which didnt allow my pc to charge while it was on...My problem was completly solved when I reinstalled the windows.Now after a month, the same problem rises up, pc gets offf whether having a battery or not...I conclude its a viral issue to pc orrrr over heating is also a major major cause.....

GET A BAORD HAVING 4 FANS WHICH GETS POWER FROM USB PORT and place your pc on that board in order to get ur pc in a good condition....Thanksss
and also it is not charging when i put the charge pin