Laptop Shut down by itself

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Hi I was doing some stuff on my laptop and it just shuts down and lost my work. And I notice that everyday it does this with you think it's a virus ?

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Well I had similar kind of issue,when my laptop was on it never charged the battery and the low battery beep was on even if its charged.When I off the pc and charge it the battery charges well.In some days I reinstalled the windows formating all the drives so to get a clean hard disk..It worked well for 1 month.Now what I have got is that when the pc is off there is no interference of any OS routine or any software which is involved in charging of pc so it charged well while it was off.But when I power on the pc and the software executes it halts the charging.I guess there is some problem with the execution of software halted by some virus which didnt allow my pc to charge while it was on...My problem was completly solved when I reinstalled the windows.Now after a month, the same problem rises up, pc gets offf whether having a battery or not...I conclude its a viral issue to pc orrrr over heating is also a major major cause.....

GET A BAORD HAVING 4 FANS WHICH GETS POWER FROM USB PORT and place your pc on that board in order to get ur pc in a good condition....Thanksss
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and also it is not charging when i put the charge pin
Your cpu might be overheating. clean the heatsink with a can of air
what is the heatsink and where is it so I can clean it. plz help my laptop is the only way I can get through school and I cant afford a new 1.
Where Is The Heat Sink
The heatsink is the thing thats over the CPU thus absorbing the heat from the CPU and keeping it cool. If your cleaning the heatsing then you will need thermal gel/paste.

im having the same issue wile playing games my computer just goes into sleep or hybernation mode and looking for solutions.
IFor my laptop I put a normal fan next to my laptop and after that it never restarted..
i did the same thing with the fan but now its turning off like after half an hour ish x.x dont know what to do =/
No. Not a Virus.!
What you need to do is take it to the geek skwade so they can clean it out. the problem is that the dust inside of your laptop/computer desk top has cause your computer to over heat and shut down.What needs to happen at this point is it gets taken completly apart and wiped out so that way the dust inside don't cause it to over heat agen :)

Ps: I Majoir In Tec. So I Think I Should No
I Had to do this for a project ;D
I have the same problem. My laptop automatically turns off whenever I am opening it and doing sinething... What can I do?? Please di help me... :(
the battery is flat on your laptop
Hey my fiance was using our Dell laptop last night and it suddenly shut down. Ever since we can't get it to turn back on. It was plugged in so it wasn't the power...I don't think unless it is possible the battery is done. Anyhow when you hit the power button the first two lights come on, but not the battery light and then of course as mentioned nothing happens. Have any ideas?
it might be beacuse of your RAM stick(s). Try to unplug, clean and then plug in the RAM stick(s), it may solve your problem.
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Hello, my laptop shuts down by itself. I was going to ask what are ramstick(s)?
heeey I had your problem too stil havent been able to fix it but I have to take my battery out blow it then put it back in turn my computer back on and keep preesing F12 until my screen comes on comment me back if it works yee (:
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Its not a virus ... This morning I've installed the Intel Dual core on my pc and ive not placed the fan correctly. The pc starts but when the Procesor gets heated its shut down. So I removed the fan and replaced it again and this time ive placed it correctly and now it works........

Its a CPU fan problem or overheating~~\\\\

Thank you
If its a top then it could b overheated which can b stopped or slowed down by a top cooling pad, virus which u whould need 2 cheak a different site for an answer as 2 get rid of it or if it shuts down automatically from 3-7 mins or from 1-3 hours from being on it and its not hot or little hot without warning then thats the only 1 that needs 2 b investigated by people cause I have a kid with this problem still trying 2 figure it out but im just trying 2 help 2 the best of my ablilitys.
how do I reboot a laptop that has closed itself down and install an antivirus prog which has expired?
What I did was, every few weeks. I use my vacumn the one with the stick and just turn my laptop upside down and clean the holes.
RAM is your random access memory, what it does in puts your information that your going to use a lot and puts it next to the cpu so it runs faster, your shutting down problem might be related to that to get new ones for a great price try also use can air to clean out your fans, if you have it on a blanket or your lap its not getting the proper air flow so try using it on a desk and see if it shuts down even when you use it on a desk or table, A third option is charge your bat. fully, and restart your computer in safe mode, run the battery out and plug it back in to see how much your bat is left.
i have 3gb ram...then at first...the game go smoothly...but then...maybe 3 months later...when I play the game...i shut down automatically...zzzz...i send to acer centre...then they said it hard disc prob...but after I change a new hard disc...smae problem wat's tis all about???ram prob??hardrive???or graphic card prob??some my fren say motherboard prob....
well friend..i m facing the same problem...
ok I m using toshiba laptop..'n' one of the biggest problem of laptops nowday's is overheatin..
when v use laptop for regularly 2-5 base of the laptop the heat is generated 'n' due to this sometimes laptops shutdown of their try laptop stand or place anybook under ur laptop so that air shd be crossed...try it it might work....
Ahhhh - Toshiba.

Simply put - If you do a search on Toshiba Laptop and Heat. You will find you are not alone. I believe Toshiba engineers do not place temperature high up on their list of issues to tackle.

I had a Toshiba laptop and dumped it. The heat....was at a level where you could fry eggs. And the system slowed down and that level.

Here is the 'worst' part. You can look it up to confirm that it is true.

The Fukushima plant....the one in Japan. the one that is going through Meltdown.....that plant was built by Toshiba.

My impression is that Toshiba products and HEAT go hand in hand.

My suggestion....sell and get another machine.
I also having the same happens everytime without warning. I am having a warning for my hdd (smart failure on hdd) and sometimes the fan spins so fast and shuts off. is it because of the bad hdd?
elo,my laptop shutdown only when playing games..... when I test stability for my laptop its show 94C (current) 100C max. what is that means?? someone cn healp me?? what is my laptop problem??
it restart because you areusing copy of windows
no not really im guessing it just qverheating itself