Not able to connect to internet by wireless

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i am not able to connect to internet by wireless but I can connect through ethernet cable, I am having a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with vista as os

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I had a similar problem with a brand new Inspiron 1525; it just refused to recognise any wireless networks.
  • The solution was to remove (Uninstall) the Dell WLAN Management software this removes the device as well.
  • Then Reinstall the wireless card with the Drivers ONLY. (It seems the DELL software doesn't work properly with the DELL branded network card in a DELL Laptop; go figure)
  • When you download the driver it will unzip and try to install automatically; but this will only reinstall the offending software again, so you must cancel the installation after you unzip the file.
  • When I searched for new hardware again it found the device as a Broadcom wireless card but could not install the drivers. This allows you to click Update Drivers and point to the 'drivers' folder in the location that the files were unzipped to.
  • Once the device driver alone is installed the wireless card works immediately and finds any available networks.
i reinstalled just the drivers like you did about the network and it still says not connected what am I doing wrong?
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i had the same problem as you I did what some one said up the post which was to update the router time all I did was tick save day light changes and then my wireless was enabled.

this happened because I upgraded my firmware and every thing was set on default the router was netgear dg834gt it was located in the schedule tab hope this helps
I had the same problem with my new Dell 1525. Dell online support updated the drivers and checked a bunch of other stuff. Still couldn't get wireless after an hour online with him. He suggested I do a PC restore which I wasn't too stoked about doing.
Weird thing happened, after he logged off I was able to find my wireless connections.
He did something! Maybe the new drivers?
Anyway, I'm happy to have wireless now. I still don't any response from hitting the wireless button on my keyboard which is weird. I get to wireless from the start menu.
Heyy I just reinstalled my but for some reason I can't see any wireless connection can you pls help me
Hello techguy! Whoever you are, thank you SO much! You were spot on. I did exactly what you've written here and it solved half the problem. After following your steps, I also did the following (which I found on another site), and then voila! Thank you so much once again, I wish I could thank you personally!

Steps after techguy's steps:
Go to the Device Manager. Double click on the Dell Wireless (1390/1490/1500) Dual Band WLAN Mini-Card device. The properties dialog should appear. Click on the Advanced tab. Look for Antenna Diversity under the Property. Change the value to Aux. Hit ok. Then try and reconnect to your WIFI connection. By changing this you should see your access point and be able to connect to it.
i had this problem - the laptop could see the router but would not connect with or without security - have been at my wits end until I solved the problem today by changing the date on the router firmware page/email to my correct time zone and daylight savings time - hope this helps you too - im using netgear wnr834b and dell laptop running vista
Hi deve807, I badly need a firewire for Windows vista. I have a stationary pc, and when I try to search for connections I cant find any and I sit right next to my wireless router. Do I need to uptade or download another firewire (thing) ?
I need a step by step if possible? I have the same wireless and computer as you. How do you change the date? :) thankyou
hi t
he router address is on the router itself along with the default nameand password
you will need to use the ethernet cable if you cannot find your router wirelessly
once connected by cable open an browser window and type in the router address which will either be numbers or a net address eg
enter name and password when prompted - if you have lost it you might need to reset your router to factory default
in left hand side menu go
content filtering
set time zone and ensure it is correct
apply and logout - then try connecting wirelessly
it worked for me
hope it helps

Thanks a bunch. This was eating at me for days and surprisingly changing my day light savings options helped. Thank you. Only wish those settings would change automatically.
i have a dell inspiron 14, and when I click to connect to my wireless internet it doesn't give me the option to enter a security key. it goes right to troubleshooting. what do I do ?
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if u r unable to connect to wireles , 1st of all connect with a lan cable and if its wrking fine , then just access the router page which will be or in most cases and when in router page just change the ssid name (which is also the network name) in basic and save and also change the wep key in security to wep 64 bits and give any 10 digit all numerical no in network key 1 and save and next step would be to remove the existing networks in your network connections one by one until there are no networks and once all the networks are removed then search for new networks again and now u will get the new network name in the networks option and when u connect to this network u will be asked for a key and give the key and voila! u will be connected wirelessly......plz reply if this works or not as this worked for me ......
you will have to check how to change the date/page in your router manual - if you havent got one connect using wired connection and download it from your router manefacturer site
with my netgear router I used the login written on the router itself (using a wired connection to the router as I couldntr access it wirelessly) from my browser toolbar
if you dont know the name and password use the default one also written on the router - then I clicked on the email option in the menu on the left and altered the date on that page
hope that helps
If the power goes off to your router, all the little knobs and buttons are likely to reset. In such cases, wire works but wireless doesn't.

Open up the router by typing on your browser. I don't use a password on my router. Check all the little things you can look at and make sure they look right. Go to the tab or button that says, "clients" and see how many clients there are. If you have a working computer wired to the router, you should see at least one client.

When troubleshooting wireless problems, always turn off the WEP or WAP key until you can see your laptop on the client list.

With your key turned off, if your laptop won't connect, make sure the network switch is turned on and also try to make sure your laptop will connect to some unsecured (or secured) network, possibly a friend's.

If it still doesn't work, go back to the router and pull the power plug. Leave it unplugged for at least two minutes. This will reset the router to defaults, however, your wired system will still work. Enter the router and make sure it is set to work with wireless by typing on your browser.

Most virus checkers will block wireless, so if all else fails, turn off the firewall. If the laptop connects, you will have to consult the AV guys for a fix.

If none of the preceding hints and these hints don't work, you will need to have someone go inside your laptop and check the settings, particularly that the proper protocols are installed and that the wireless receiver is turned on at the system level. Any computer savvy kid can do this.
my friend had the same problem. If you have a lever like thing on the bottom-right side of your computer, try pushing that up while connecting to the network you want. If it then connects to the network, tape the lever into the up position(scotch tape works, duct tape recommended)
Thanks to who ever suggested setting the date and time zone on the router. We had no problem with wirelessly connecting laptops with XP but VISTA laptops could not connect until we properly set the date and timezone on the online setup of our Belkin N router. We were about to spend $80 for a router supplied by COX to get the support we needed. I am so surprised that none of the support people we talked to from work, Belkin and COX suggested this simple fix. Thank you to all those who use these forums and especially to those who respond.

I had similar problem - that cropped up in past few days

I discovered in our case it was the fault of Internet Explorer 7

On different computer I put download for latest mozilla/foirefox onto CD - and loaded that on computer with trouble.

Once we had new browser - all problems were fixed.

I have had lots of previous issues with Vista/Windows XP - and IE (several versions).

Similar problem, removed norton internet security with norton removal tool.
Restarted and Viola!!!!
under power management try turning off the powersave option which disables your wifi adapter
I had the same problem. Before I contact the Dell tech support, I did some troubleshooting. The Dell TSR remotely accessed my dell mini but nothing happened and he end up referring me to the netgear OEM which is bull***t because I have never experienced having problems connecting on it with our laptops. So I end the chat and let him go. I end up uninstalling the WLAN, download and install the new WLAN driver. I was able to connect and solve my problem.