Not able to connect to internet by wireless

venky - Sep 7, 2008 at 05:58 AM
 rajeev - Oct 8, 2012 at 08:43 AM
i am not able to connect to internet by wireless but I can connect through ethernet cable, I am having a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with vista as os

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I had a similar problem with a brand new Inspiron 1525; it just refused to recognise any wireless networks.
  • The solution was to remove (Uninstall) the Dell WLAN Management software this removes the device as well.
  • Then Reinstall the wireless card with the Drivers ONLY. (It seems the DELL software doesn't work properly with the DELL branded network card in a DELL Laptop; go figure)
  • When you download the driver it will unzip and try to install automatically; but this will only reinstall the offending software again, so you must cancel the installation after you unzip the file.
  • When I searched for new hardware again it found the device as a Broadcom wireless card but could not install the drivers. This allows you to click Update Drivers and point to the 'drivers' folder in the location that the files were unzipped to.
  • Once the device driver alone is installed the wireless card works immediately and finds any available networks.
i reinstalled just the drivers like you did about the network and it still says not connected what am I doing wrong?
wirelesshelper > Meee
Jan 15, 2009 at 07:22 PM

i had the same problem as you I did what some one said up the post which was to update the router time all I did was tick save day light changes and then my wireless was enabled.

this happened because I upgraded my firmware and every thing was set on default the router was netgear dg834gt it was located in the schedule tab hope this helps
I had the same problem with my new Dell 1525. Dell online support updated the drivers and checked a bunch of other stuff. Still couldn't get wireless after an hour online with him. He suggested I do a PC restore which I wasn't too stoked about doing.
Weird thing happened, after he logged off I was able to find my wireless connections.
He did something! Maybe the new drivers?
Anyway, I'm happy to have wireless now. I still don't any response from hitting the wireless button on my keyboard which is weird. I get to wireless from the start menu.
Heyy I just reinstalled my but for some reason I can't see any wireless connection can you pls help me
Hello techguy! Whoever you are, thank you SO much! You were spot on. I did exactly what you've written here and it solved half the problem. After following your steps, I also did the following (which I found on another site), and then voila! Thank you so much once again, I wish I could thank you personally!

Steps after techguy's steps:
Go to the Device Manager. Double click on the Dell Wireless (1390/1490/1500) Dual Band WLAN Mini-Card device. The properties dialog should appear. Click on the Advanced tab. Look for Antenna Diversity under the Property. Change the value to Aux. Hit ok. Then try and reconnect to your WIFI connection. By changing this you should see your access point and be able to connect to it.