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i play games such as rakion, warrock, cabal and etc. it automatically shutdown after few hours, some few minutes. can you help why this is happen? I read from this page that cleaning the CPU. can you teach me how to clean the cpu? thank you..

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
2.99 GHZ, 1.00 GB of RAM

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

can you help me?

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The shutdown can occure because of a high temperature of your graphic card or cpu. Some computers shutdown the computer as a security when the heat of the cpu or the graphic card is too high to prevent damage.

Maybe you have dust on the CPU fan or the graphic card fan that prevents the heat from evacuating correctly.

To clean the fans, you must use an air pressurised spray can. If the shutdown still happens after the cleaning, the other options are graphic driver problem which makes the computer crash when a specific graphic information of the game goes through the graphic card. A driver update of the Graphic card can help sometimes.

The last option could be a problem with your power supply. Maybe your configuration asks too much power for your configuratoin especially when you play games. So their is an electrical crash of your power supply which could explain the shutdown.

Hope this will help.
Thank you

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I have the same problem with windows 7, eventually I have tried cabal, warcraft 3, left4dead, sunonline.. It will auto shutdown when the game running for 20mins, sometimes even less than that.. 5mins it will shutdown. Most of all, the laptop is NEW! Just purchased it on Nov 2009, Acer Aspire 4736G, use it less than 1 week, this kind of problem came, I thought was hardware problem, sent it to warranty.

Well the funniest part, its been in service centre until Today! Still they can't figure out the problem. So I want to know, is it true that windows 7 cannot support any games at all??
when I install xp then no problem but in 1 a half hour computer will be shut down.
Plz mention your laptop model
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I don't think it comes from there... I think it's an electric problem check your fuse !
i have an solution,,try undervolting your lapy using lapy ok alrdy after undervolting it :)
i think its the power spikes from avr..i have same problem playing bfbc2 my rig is new except on my avr and I will try to change it
same problem, but occurs when I am not even playing games. like every 2 hours or so it just shuts down
i have acer aspire 4736G... the same problem. my laptop will auto shutdown while I play some game.. like DemiGod, Cabal etc... (game with high graphic quality)... but, it will be ok if I just play solitaire, 3d chess, starcraft, diablo2 etc (old skool games)... today will be the 3rd times I send my laptop to service centre... 1st times, replacing motherboard..., 2nd times, unknown.....3rd times, still waiting... until today... my acer aspire 4736G problem still UNSOLVE.. I wonder how acer do their job... zzz
same problem with acer, not with laptop though -.-''''
i also got the same problem with my acer 4736g..i think this problem is bcoz of the overheatibg of the graphic card,,this happen bcoz the heatsink not functioning..mybe the heatsink not functioning bcoz it broken or the thermal paste dry alrdy,,i think we need to put new thermal paste for the heatsink to functioning
i have the same problem too..after searching the solution, I got the picture about this. there is maybe the graphic card is overheating because of the graphic usage in the game. I playing starcraft, warcraft, 3D games and others, my laptop will shutdown after I playing the games for a while. the problem is not the laptop but the game itself.
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Yah this problem starts only when I play DOTA, my laptop would just shutdown suddenly if I were to stay in the waiting room for a amount of time. I got to alt tab out to wait for the game to get started and everything would be fine when the game is commenced. Weird huh? Solutions needed desperately!!
thats not the game fault,, the laptop temperature is too high, so the laptop shutdown automatically,

i always monitor my laptop temp. if the temp reach 80 C, it will shut down automatically