Unable to open hidden folders [Solved/Closed]

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 suresh -

Guys out there....

Pls help me wid dis Problem.....

when I happened to click "Show hidden files"...and applied.,
it still didnt showed me any hidden files that I have stored..

then I scanned using trojanRemover software which tells me about a POLICY "Shockwave.dll" and that is forcing to keep hidden files hidden...
pls....pls....hlp me
i think some unknown virus/trojan might have got into my system and is hiding sumwhere....

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try out avast or eset nod32 or eset
these are the best one...antivirus

also try to edit the registry
changethe "Checked value" to 1
i think this will be enough.....
Thank you

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yes its worked..thank you very much
thnaks, your sduggestion helped a lot, but still the folders are in hidden state (though visible)
what to do now
Open Regedit.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced. Go to the rightside of the window, where the values are. Find the value "Hidden". Rightclick it and modify it to 1.
Demystifying the Windows Registry
Don't Fear the Registry
The "Repair Regedit" button resets Regedit view state information to the defaults.
Thanks so much dude.. for the valueable info
cheers ; )
genius dude. good trouble shooting . it will work for me too
i m describing the trick again...

1- Goto Run (in start menu)

2- type "regedit" & ok

3- in the left pan just click on the "+" sign to expand the list

goto this path by expanding the list one bye one


4- now at this point look in the right side pan

there is a entry named.. "Checked value"
double click on it
5- now change this "Checked value" to 1

6- ok

i think this will be enough.....it works 100%...
the people who cant open regedit...i will soon post simple registry that can be patched directly...to get rid of this problem
thanx! neel...it helped....guys dis really works
thanks a lot,it worked for me
this is fantastic solution......... yeah it works guys
i solved a problem thankyou
hi dude,
there is a virus in ur pc.
when u try to "Show Hidden File", it will not work. Bcoz of Virus, the option will stick to "Don't Show Hidden Files"
Use Any Good Antivirus....u will get rid of it..

i too had sme problem to unable view hidden files .. even after scanning with anti virus software it didnt workt
but with regedit and change value to 1 it worked
thanks for ur help bro.
hi all,

If this hidden folder virus is not removed means.. please install symantec Antivirus .. and update the software before u use.. it will surely remove the virus... no need to go for the regedit process.. too...

Symantec done a good job in this..

Thanks and Regards,
Ganesh R K
> Ganesh
Dear Ganesh,

I too am facing a similar prob. When I change the registry to 1...it goes back to 0 automatically.
Is there a way to solve it without buying an expensive (symantec) anitvirus.
i got u r problem, Recently I also faced the same prob.
its a new version of the virus, if trick doesn't work for, If the ckhed value is changing again to 0 (Zero)
then use Trojan Remover software, it is a great utility, surely help u...
goto Start>>run (means cmd promt)

type "regedit"

n then go to the path as I described above...u will get the answer....it works ...100%
I've a similar problem but in my case even the regedit does not open and the message " Check Administrator rights" comes. I tried administrator settings in control panel but even that does'nt open. PLease help
> freewill
if you can't run "RUN" because of Administrator issues, try making a new administrator account. worked for me
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i installed that registry,
how to delete that reg?
cause its not hiding folder now,
otherwise it solved my problem a lot.
help please, I got the same problem like goldie's
how can I remove the virus -_-?
and btw I dont understand this registry:


where can I find it and edit it??

help please and thank toy
please tell me ater run I type as u said the next step how to reachat your said destination so as to solve my problem
my regedit is disabled how to enable it buddy?
all u buddies...i have uploded the registry patch for this prob...

download it...it is just of 1 KB..
double click on it ...n say yes...n u r Done...

it follows the same method described above...will work on most of machine where the user have the Administrator rights/Account to make changes in the OS...


enjoy buddies....
Thanks Neel for the quick and best solution!!! it really worked for a second... you are the best man!

hey NEEL,
thanx a lot dude...
ur solution was the great........ it really helped me to get my prob solved...
thanx a ton.......
my registery file is disabled, how to enable it?
definitely the best and fastest solution! Thx bunch
sorry to disappoint, I apply your patch, but it didn't work for me! I still cannot open my hidden files.

neel superb, great its working which u tell me the regedit


Fixed, thanks for the thread !
wow thank you worked like a charm
thx again
well , hi everyone , I like the discussion and many useful info are here around,but I tried allll the tricks , didn't work
i'm downloading the trojan removal the only trick I didn't try till now , btw , all of us now that anti virus can fix the prob , but symentic and other , are not for free and cost alot , thx sweet regards
Thanks alot frineds.. great workk.......... keep posting like this kind of solutions..

once agn thank u very much...

Thanx to every one....u r all Welcome
Gotcha.. Roger.. Gud job..
i tried the things u mentioned like going to start, run etc....
but even though I am unable to fix the prob, please help me out
try may ptach for hidden folder, it will do the work.
the patch is in 17 comment , down on the same page.

if it is a newer virus then u have to go for bitdefender, or avast antivirus.
Thanks Ping it worked for me
Hi neel can you help me with my problem with my drives C and D.. They are both infected with recycler virus that I got from a USB. I tried lots of anti virus and I still can't find a remedy.. I hope you can help me with my problem without reformatting my computer.. Thank you so much and more power..
thank you so much for the solution in 16th post... I manage to see all my hidden files again.. However, I still can't find the virus.. Anyone manage to find the virus?
i think there is another better solution download combofix program it can delete this virus
u can download it in google search
Thank you so much Torres, the registry edit fix that you gave worked like a charm. The Hidden Folder view issue has been bugging me for a month now, and with your help I most definitely have it resolved. Kudos.
Hey there Torres..
Thanks alot for your solution, the Combofix process have managed to remove all the files effecting the hidden file option. it works perfectly! I personally suggest Torres' solution! easier and faster! Thanks alot buddy.

Iam unable to open regedit or msconfig
pls tell the other procedure to view folder options
chk out the topic no. 17,
i have posted an registry patch for it, size of just 1kb
download it & patch it
& ur done.
> Neel
the registry key you provided was awesome. thanks a lot
Hi Neel,
Your ragistry patch works. Thanks man. You saved lot of my time. Thanks again.
Its working for me... thanks

You're a STAR! It resolved the issue.

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