Ipod headphones n speakers are playing at the [Solved/Closed]

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im haveing problems with my ipod when I plug my headphones in I can still hear my music playin through the speakers at the ssame time and I dont know what wrong with it what may be the problem with my ipod

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Try resetting it. Push the center and menu button at the same time. It worked for me.
Thank you

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WORKED! Thank you!
Thanks, worked perfectly :)
I love you more than words can express right now. I cant live without my music. This world would drive me mad. I love you. Thanks a million!!!
Worked for me too thanks :)
I love you so much, especially since I didn't want to say I broke my I pod 2 weeks after getting it!
push the center and the menu button at the same time. hold them down until your ipod shuts off. it will restart by itself and will work just like new.
yep worked for me first time, thanks all
Hold the middle button and the menu button for about 10 seconds so the nano will reboot ... presto (phew. I was in a panic)
Thanks so much! Worked for me!
worked for me as well...I was thinking I would have to take it in...thanks so much!
It worked perfectly. thank you so much
My ipod touch was just doing that. Try re-booting it, it worked for me. Good Luck!
Worked for me too!! Thank you!!!

That worked for me thanks
plug your ipod into itunes and restore it.
same here its really annoying and I cant even go to the gym and workout because everyone else around me will hear my music! :l
I reset it and it worked the first time I tryed! Great tip! It saved me a lot of work! I highly recomend it!
I have the same prob. all of a sudden my volume increases for the speaker not the headphone.
I have a solution!! Instead of fixing it you pull the old switch back and fourth, and the button and menu thing twice, then you plug in your headphones far up , turn the volume to 0, it should then only play in the headphones and not out the speaker!!!!!
Worked for me!

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