Computer stuck at Windows XP loading screen [Solved/Closed]

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My computer gets stuck, not frozen at the XP loading screen. It happens every time when I turn it on. The little blue dots will continue to scroll but the computer will never boot up. The computer boots in safe mode easily however. Oddly enough one day, out of frustration, I hit the side of the computer and it hesitated for a moment and then actually booted up.

This primal method for starting my computer worked for a while but I knew it was not a permanent solution because I have been told hard drives are somewhat delicate. I bought a new hard drive and cloned the old one hoping the old hard drive was the issue. The computer had the same issue however with the new hard drive. I am out of ideas I was hoping someone would have some advice for me.

I also recently replaced the power supply and shortly afterward is when the issue began occurring.

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If you are able to boot in Safe Mode, try system restore.

Good Luck.
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Tried that one a while ago but it didn't work. Still hung up at the loading screen. Thanks for the hint though.

THEN FINNALY called up a proffesional.. he says my mother board is corrupt and changed it and now its working fine ! :)

cheers :)
Go to safe mode download windows again ISO files and install it and done
I have tried everything and to no avail.I finally fixed it by myself and I hope it does for you too.
I couldn't boot into Safe mode initially either by the way!
Turn on your machine and keep hitting F8 until a list of options come up.
There's an option like,"Windows Diagnostic..System restore" .Press enter on it and it should check all your disks and boot into safe mode.
earlier,my PC would freeze after disk checking or at "windows is starting up".After restarting my PC normally after the safe mode,am able to log proceed after the "windows is starting up" screen. I did system restore just to make sure nothing happens again.Hope this helps! :)
Sometimes depending on how far it will boot and what version of windows it is. You can hit the F8 key as it is first starting up and get into safe mode. From there you can get into "My Computer" and right click on the "c" select the tools tab and do a defrag and schedule a disk check - check both boxes in disk check - one says "check for errors" the other one say "attempt to repair"
This might fix it about 60% of the time.

Good Luck!!!!

Sometimes it is caused by the device driver errors.
I'll try that. I defragged once and it did boot up once after the defrag but after that first time the problem came up again, but I will definitely try again.
if it struck with windows screen..just press restart button ..after it restarts it will ask whether to start in safe mode are something else..just enter into safe mode, Then mycomputer-c are any drive where u have your windows then windows-system32-then give sort by date..keep note that from when your system did this problem then delete the dll from the day of problem..then restart your you are free from problem...

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