My Powerbook G4 will not turn on!!

Fox - Oct 20, 2008 at 10:52 AM
 jer - May 23, 2013 at 06:24 PM
Hi there! I was working on my G4 Powermac, with only one program open when I the battery was running low. I plugged it in the wall and the orange light on the little the plug that goes in the machine lit up. But the battery icon on screen didn't indicate any charging. When the orange light lights up on the plug it always starts charging! I turned it off and on again to get my work on a USB stick, but when I turned it on again it was only one 1% battery left so I had to turn it off..Now it has been plugged in for a long time and I can`t turn it on. The mac appears to be sleeping but the screen is black... I tried taking the battery out and in again.. to no change. When I test the battery level by pressing the battery-tester-button down one dot is fully and an other is blinking.. Does anyone have any tips. I had my mac for about 3 years
I haven't had any problems with this before. Where the outlet on the machine has a small dent in it and the so the plug doesn't sit as well in the machine as usual.. Someone please help me. I have a big deadline tonight.

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Excellent it worked I press shift+ctrl and power button, release and press the power button again a few seconds later.. delete and off button and it worked.

Thank you
Can you explain to me how to do this in easier terms??
1. while on, press shift+ctrl+ power button
2. release all 3 keys and press the power again (after it reboots?)
3 Delete key
4 off button
5 It should work?? Can you email me the steps?