Why won't my computer connect to the Internet

Shelsie - Oct 25, 2008 at 04:50 PM
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OK, so I just purchased a new laptop and have to connect it to the internet. Bought a router, installed it and hooked it all up, my laptop detects internet fine and works dandy. Only problem is, that my desktop computer that connected to a wired modem, which now has the NEW router connected to it, will not detect the internet connection.

After installing the cd and followed all the instructions, it appears we have all the cords in the right place.... here is what we did:

1) Took the existing ethernet cable from the computer and plugged it into the port labeled "internet| on the back of the router.

2) Connected one end of the supplied ethernet cable to port 1 on the router. connected the other end to the computer.

3) plugged in the router to an outlet.

4) followed onscreen instructions to finish the setup process.

Following this, I checked my laptop, it found the network and connects to it great. Tried to go online on the home desktop and it will not connect. When I try to connect, it says the following:

"Error 678:
The remote computer did not respond. For further assistance, click more info or search Help and Support Centre for this error number."

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!!!!
Thanks for your help!

PS- I pretty much copied the steps I took from the instruction manual, so please don't say that they are hard to follow or vague- they were what I was given!

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Hi Shelsie,

I had the same problem. Hopefully this will help.

It sounds as though it may have been the router that assigned the IP address. This address is necessary for your comuter to connect to the internet and if it seems in anyway invalid then the computer will not be allowed to connect. So here is a way to fix that issue. If the old router assigned the IP then the new router does not recognize it as being valid.

control panel
network and internet
network and sharing - this is a title and there are smaller links under it - click on the title
view status = link after Local area connection
double click on Internet protocol version IPv6 (you will need to repeat these steps with IPv4 also)
make sure that optain IPv6 (IPv4) address automatically is chosen.
make sure that optain DNS server address is automatically is chosen
click ok and restart you computer with your cable connected
If your problem was you IP address this will resolve it.

if you still have issue feel free to email me I will do what I can to help
Hi - I have same problem, but when techs were here to install new arris TG1672 modem/router they specifically turned of the IPv6 discovery as we have some Apple devices. Now my windows based desktop won't connect wired. My laptop will connect wired, but maybe the network adapter in the desktop is too old?
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Aug 21, 2014 at 11:27 AM
Call the technician back out, and let them know they broke it! HAHA 10 day GO Back, he is not going to get a raise!