Hdmi cable not working with my ps3

 Gabby -
the first time I got my ps3 I bought a hdmi cable and it worked untill it got stuck in the tv and broke then I recently bought another hdmi cable bought it wont work. i've tried it on three different hd tv's(daewoo,lg and samsung but it dint work sometimes it says hdmi cable detected but it wont just work but when I tried it on my friends new ps3 it worked? please help me dont no what to do.

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anyother suggestions? im desperate....my ps3 was workin fine, one day I turned it back on and the screen was black! I have done everything, I can actually see image with the component cables and I changed it to HDMI format already, I changed the channel to HDMI and its says i1080 but there is no image, nothing happens...i turn the ps3 off and the HDMI channel goes back to 480p. I dont know why is happening, I have like 2 years with my ps3 and never happened b4 I did not enen disconnected it to take it to connect it to a different tv! so I dont get it, I would really appreciate your help!
i have the same problem, all I get is a blank screen, when usuing composite, it says hdmi detected, but when I go to hdmi, it won't come up, i've tried EVERYTHING, ANY LUCK ?
i have same problem help me it showed the hdmi cable is detected but dont work
ur ps3 settings maybe changed

use it on AV and change ur setting back to HDMI

now go back to ur TV and it should work
I had the same problem. My ps3 came with a standard hdmi cable which apparently has problems connecting to samsung tv's. U need too buy a samsung accredited cable. Which is cheap (surprise!!!!!) just search this as a key word search and it should give you a good choice of sites to purchase one. Hopes this helps.
I've got a Daewoo DLC-26C3 Tv connected with a HDMI cable to my PS3. Never had a problem with the picture, but the sound falls out from time to time. It is usually enough to turn off the tv with the remote, and turn it on again. As it detects the HDMI signal, it finds both sound and picture.

But sometimes, I have to physically plug out both the power intake and the HDMI cable from the tv. Then, I ONLY plug in the power and make sure it says "No signal" when trying to view the HDMI channel. Then, I reconnect the HDMI cable and it finds both sound and picture again. Always works for me-

Why the tv is acting this weird I don't know, but hope someone might be helped by following these steps.