Toshiba laptop cannot reach login screen

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I have had a Toshiba Laptop for over two years now. It has Windows Vista.

The laptop began crashing one day, and now it can't reach the screen where I login. When I turn the laptop on, it reads, in big red letters' "toshiba," just like normal. But after it disappears, the screen goes completely blank instead of going to the normal loading screen. After about 30 minutes, at the bottom of the screen, it says "windows loading files." After it is done loading, it simply says at the top "insert windows installation disk and restart your computer.

I don't have a Windows Installation Disk, so I used a Toshiba Recovery Disk instead. I followed the directions:

1) Place the disc or #1 disc into the drive.

2) Power up the computer while holding down the "C" key (Release the "C" key when the screen reads "Toshiba")

After step 2, the screen says at the bottom, "Windows loading files." Afterwards, I see the normal loading screen. However, once it is done loading, the screen goes completely black. After 5 minutes, the mouse appears on the screen. You can move it, but that's as far as I've gone: a black screen with only the mouse present. Even after 4 hours, nothing happens. Any help would be much appreciated!

Satellite: M205-S7452
OS: Windows Vista
Laptop: Toshiba
System Configuration: Opera 9.30

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I am trying to restore my Toshiba Laptop. What key do I press for the internal backup to restore to factory settings???
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Thank you

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1. Power down laptop
2. Press and hold the 0 (zero) key
3. Release the 0 key when you get a message at bottom of screen indicating recovery process is beginning or loading.
> falcon2099
would like to try ur method of recovering my a75-s209 with possible virus problem. but im not sure how u said to do it? ne help would b greatly appreciated.
> falcon2099
omg thank you SOOOO much because ive tryed EVERYTHING and nothing worked
Thank you, we had my daughters computer "FIXED" and it came back without any possibility of working until this. The person fixing also made one literally blow up by using the wrong charger after we requested the correct one when we went in. He will not work on our computers ever again.
For some reason, Safe Mode can't be accessed in my laptop's condition. Therefore, I don't think there's an easier way to get to System Restore.

I tried pressing, tapping, and holding F8 when my laptop starts, but nothing happens. Is there any other way to get to Safe Mode? Remember, the login screen won't appear, so first I need to figure out how to restore the screen so I can login.
Just got my Toshiba fixed and payed alot for it but now my password wont work amd they cant help me ... all I get is a black screen that says ... "Toshiba Leading Innovation>> cant get to windows

Can you please help me


I just took out my Battery by accident when computer was running and im gettin same problems as you. It stays black with mouse that can move. Leme know if you find a solution
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You will have to access safe mode and do a system restore!
What happens when it sasaysay no restore point

I had the same issue. I was struggling with the issue but coud not find any satisfactory solution.

Finally my laptop started working when I remove its batery and put it back.

Will it work if it shows Toshiba then an _ with a black screen becuase that is what is happening to me