Can't record sound using microphone [Solved/Closed]

 roshan -

I am trying to record sound (words for a spelling game called Ray's Spelling) for my children. I have connected a microphone into the connection at the back of my PC but the sound recorder doesn't appear to work. When I try to record my voice using the sound recorded all I get is a hissing sound. When I try to record a word using the game (Ray's Spelling) I can only just about hear the word if I turn on my PC speakers to full volume.

Can anyone help please?

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This solution is for the people who are using Windows XP
Go to -->Start
-->All Programs
-->Volume Control

- Now, you 'll see the Master Volume window appearing.
- In the Menu Bar,
-->Click on Options
-->Click Advanced Controls

- Now, you 'll see the Advanced button appearing in below the MIC section. Click on that Advanced button.

- You 'll see the a small window Advanced Control for MIC appearing:
In this small window, at the bottom, you 'll see the option 1 Mic 20db with check box. Check that check box [i.e, mark the check box].

Close the window.
That's it. You're done. You record your voice and enjoy.
Have a good day!
Thank you.
Thank you

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even I tried this one but no use. still I have the same problem

can u help me?
Awesome. Saved me hours.
sadly I dont have entertainment in my accesories or the volume control
I have trouble on my soundcard device.and can't playing sound
i cant find entertainment in accessories
Go to your volume control, Options and check to see if your MIC is muted if so click the box that says mute to unmute it, if not check to see if the MIC volume might be turned down..