Hp tx1000 boots a Blank screen [Solved/Closed]

 Grateful -
My hp tx1000 suddenly stops functioning after booting it for a long time of just about 2weeks. I replaced a new hard disk, remove the ram and blow it, remove the battery, nothing change. All I see when I power it is just blank screen, not even the bios has display.
Please I need your help.
God bless You.

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Use a blow dryer.. and heat through the vents in the upper right corner.. while doing this.. turn it on and off untill the screen lights up.. I have done this 3 times and now I have a lovely Tablet PC which has been turned into my desktop because I cant turn it off..
Blow dryer worked...thank you thank you thank you! Anna x
Thanks for the tips - they WORK! I tried blowing air in using my blowdryer (on the coolest setting) to top right vent and switching on/off - and pressing down about 21/2 inches in from the rhs edge and 1 inch up from the bottom edge of my HPtx1000 laptop - it was when I pressed down and used the blowdryer that the screen lit up! I can't thank you all enough as this machine, despite having an extended warranty, has been pretty unreliable and whilst its good to know I can get it working again, what are HP doing selling such an unreliable model? Anyway, my laptop had been dead for about a year until I tried this - everytime I booted it the lights went on, it "sounded" like it was doing something, but the screen would stay blank! Now its finally working again (apart from the wireless adapter - I've no idea why that stopped functioning just over a year after I bought it). Only thing (now I've actually safely got data off it) is whether I dare to turn it off again!

Just come online as having probs with the TX2000 re booting up and did this hair dryer tactic IT WORKS!! did also on the cool setting but worked immediately THANKS!!! great tip! :)
Does anyone know anything about the legal process for forming a class action lawsuit. I think we (HP owners) need to become our own Erin Brokovich..
I had success with the hairdryer on Sunday, but I turned on my laptop this morning and the screen is black again. I guess in my case it was just a temporary fix afterall, it lsted for just under a week. I went out and bought a USB network adapter and it does work. I've been so happy to have internet at home and school that I don't really even care that I have the USB sticking out the side of my laptop. I think I might be ready to try the penny! I would just go out and buy a new laptop, but being a University student..I can't afford it right now. Damn you HP!
The problem is with NVIDIA GPU, so if you pay to replace MB, you will end up with the same problem...There is already a lawsuit against NVIDIA ( for a class action so you know), what makes me sick of my stomach is that it was released a BIOS upgrade to make the fan works more in order to try to cool off GPU, it obviously didn't intent to solve the problem but to delay the inevitable computer death to after our warranty expired, saving money to companies that used they GPU OEM like Hp, DEll, Apple..it does sound to me that those companies had total knowledge of that and were complient with a serious case of use of "bad faith"..
Computers with the same GPU still in the market and what those companies have done to that?? NOTHING!!
What will a class action do for us??? $ 5 each??
I wonder if tried to adapt a different MB, or replacing GPU for a different GPU?
thanks and I'm really sorry for us all..
The hairdryer method worked for me also...I was really surprised! It took a bout 2 minutes with the high heat setting. At least I can grab my data without having to buy a USB hard drive adapter. We'll see how long the fix lasts.

Hi all,

It's all be the problem of BGA balls crack on the Nvidia BGA IC combination of design flaw.

I had reheat the IC using a BGA rework station using reflow temperature profile, and my tx1000 can boot and works for every day since.

HP or their PCBA subcontractor shall already aware undestand this generic problem of BGA crack either on their product qualification or thermal test. This is with evidence of red color epoxy or underfill material applied on the perimeter of the BGA IC and 'hope' to hold the BGA down. This is BGA balls crack is common issue seen on lead-free product.

You might use hair drier, but unless you reach about ~240 degree Celcius to melt the solder ball, the chances of repair that shall not have high pass chances.

Good luck.

I too had the same problem. Fortunately, my unit was still under warranty with Future Shop's extended warranty program. I was even lucker in that the resolution to the problem was to take it out of permanent hibernate mode by removing the battery, try the power switch for 30 seconds without battery or power cord, attach the power cord and reboot. I've had no problems since.... I'll update you when the system fails again. if lyou don't find my message, you can assume that I'm still functional. have a great day.
There is actually a forum on HP about this issue that a consumer has started. I think if we all get on there and start complaining, maybe HP can read their own forums. Here is the link:


I hate that HP is doing nothing, and obviously there are a lot of us that are having the same exact problem. I understand the hair dryer trick works-however we shouldn't have to do this to make our laptops work, HP should just fix the problem.

I have found a technician that has fixed my HP TX 1000 tablet that had a blank screen,and no wi- fi.
Now it has worked good for 3 mos, like new.
Cost me $185.00 to have it working well again.
He gave me a 30 day , 100% guarantee on the repairs.
He says he fixes Acer and other laptops with these and other problems.
Best money I ever spent.
His name is Michael ,and his email address is : Email Id removed for security
Mel Bernstein
Sanford , Fl
Email Id and phone number removed for security
To all that read this...

Leave the laptop sitting the right way up at all times... When the GPU heats up from running to hot it can come connected easily in a bag or turned upside down ... The gpu chip will move at this point and when it cools off it has a gap.... Heating loosens up the solder and helps go back into place (hence the hot air from hair dryer). try to always let the laptop cool in the upright position after use. A perminant fix is while it is running buy a copper shim and place on gpu for heatsink and apply good thermal paste.

Hp sux ballz
Hi!!! If you want to repair your laptop whit a reballing process just send me a mail, am from saltillo mexico. if u want more info just put in google "pc guru saltillo". Email Id removed for security
This is a followup on my previous post (see above)


Concerning the Pavilion tx1000 black screen boot problem, and for those who did not wish to try the penny and towel method or did tried but didn't work (for long), I would suggest the following 2 methods:

1. The f8 method: (~50% working)

Try pressing f8 key repeatedly on bootup. Do so immediately on power-on. Once you see the hp logo, you can stop pressing and let the laptop boots on normally. This seems to work 1 or 2 out of 3 times for mine. Hope this will help those who needed to boot in at least once to backup or in order to try method 2 (see below).

2. Alternate boot method. (100% working!)

You need to boot in successfully once (see f8 method). Go to nvidia website for the latest driver. Its found at https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us Pavilion Tx1000 uses the nForce, series 5, 553 chipset. So choose the nForce 550. Download the appropriate one for your OS (mine is win7-32bit). Installed and restarted. First boot will be a black screen. Use the power button to off and on. This time will be successful. Hence the naming - alternate boot method.


But the next boot is ok (after a cold restart). This is 100% working method (on second boot), and will not corrupt your hdd since it is not running (saleman talking). Will somebody tell me what is going on??? (me talking)

All kudos to the nvidia teams, since this chipset must be like ancient but they still update the drivers!
had the same problem......so I took off the panel over the hard drive, took the big battery off, and the battery off the motherboard to reset it, put it back together, and it worked for about 5 minutes, so I did it again this time I plugged it to the wall charger and left the battery on the back off, and it works just fine so far....my suggestion is to get a new battery pack for it
Hi maybe I get the same issue ram memory harddrive are good but motherboard doest work technicien tell me to buy other motherboard

The issue is related to the display chip on the motherboard. Its a well known problem in this series.

If the problem occurs too frequently the solution will be to replace the motherboard.

> nikhil
Replacing the motherboard doesnt resolve the issue.. it is a design flaw.
you need to download and install NVIDIA Chipset driver update at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-51717-1&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&os=2093&product=3185028

you can do this via remote desktop from other machine. If that not possible, try other approach here https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=003532357541664755234:pcqo6gi8ei0&ie=UTF-8&q=Hp+tx1000+nvidia+fix&sa=Search&siteurl=www.google.com/cse/home%3Fcx%3D003532357541664755234:pcqo6gi8ei0
Dont do that . be cool
Hello, I have a TX1000, whit the same problem, lights on and thats all, but, is working now, turn on always to the firts try and I change nothing, this is what I did, is was an accident but works

I disarmed completely the laptop
I Cleaned the dust and I removed the particuls of the fan and of the radiators of heat
I assembled the laptop
I turn on the laptop and I obtained the same result but now leave it turnd on like 2 hours with the lights on
I turn off it and I turn on it some 30 times, and suddenly the logo appeared of HP and started normally the system
But, I forgot to connect the fan and was heated a lot, but a lot of
I tuned off It and I connected the fan, can be seen for the cover of the memory
Then leave it to cold like an hour and since there has functioned well

My english is poor, I used a web translator
This it was my solution I am not responsabilite for wrong result, if work for you I will be happy, for now, I am happy with my laptop working again
OK, thanx 4 all the information.
Now I understand that is a chipset problem.
So... how can I solve it? Can I CHange the chipset?

well guys, my tx1314ca suffered the same fate as well. overheating it on purpose made it usable again. but it will die the same fate after some use. did the 1cent mod to the gpu... same thing. but this time I am tracking the temperature of the gpu. today the gpu died on me again... but it has sustained a continuous temperature of only 66C for about 2 hrs!!! wtf? what a POS laptop.. and an expensive one at that!!! stupid hp...
My TX 1000 started booting to blank screen (a month ago) but stats somehow after 50 tries (I mean literally!). In addition it has additional problems which I suspect could be related to crappy hardware
1. The wifi card is not detected. This started 3 months ago. But somehow it has not occurred for the past 2 weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed
2. A few days ago my laptop started overheating problems. The screen freezes suddenly and nothing will work and the only option is to restart it. I checked the temperatures of the GPU temperature using a diagnostic software which is around 85C when idle and shoots to 120C while watching a video or running multiple applications. Also, the CPU runs at 64 (idle) and 95 (while running applications). Is this normal?? Does anyone face similar overheating problems??
Dear ,. 120 is way above boiling point...
about 60 is manageable..
anything above that is ..............
yes and I solved my overheating problem by goin to advanced power options and setting the maximum prepossessing power to 50%
Do not get a new motherboard the issue is with the tx1000 series! They over heat the GPU which results in the need for a replacement motherboard. HP will do this for £265 (US$400) but it only repeats the problem. I have had 3 motherboards others even more and we just end up with the same problem recurring.

HP refuse to recall the product and claim it effects less than 1% of TX1000's but a quick investigations shows this to be many hundreds, probably thousands.
Same problem, seen the penny trick and was wondering what if I change the nvidia gpu.
I was out of ideas on how to fix my black screen. I tried the hairdryer technique and it really worked! It didn't work the first time I tried it. I had to heat it up for 2 mins. I wonder if it's just a temporary fix though. My wireless adapter still doesn't work and I still haven't found a solution for this problem yet. Any ideas??

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