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My hp tx1000 suddenly stops functioning after booting it for a long time of just about 2weeks. I replaced a new hard disk, remove the ram and blow it, remove the battery, nothing change. All I see when I power it is just blank screen, not even the bios has display.
Please I need your help.
God bless You.

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I talked to HP about a month ago with the same problesm everybody else is having. I told them that I have been hearing of similar reports. They told me they have not heard of any. I ended up buying a new computer. My college told me that I needed to have this computer which was a joke. They had a deal with HP to get students to buy them. After two years of telling student it was required they have stopped do to problems and nobody using the tablet part of the computer in class. I would not recommend this computer for anybody, it is a piece of junk. I talked to a friend of mine who works on computers said it might have been caused from the heat. Mine was extremely hot to the touch. It does not help to replace any parts of this computer. Do your self a favor and just buy a new computer.
the hair dryer worked like a charm!!!!
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I have recently started a new forum, about a week old. If you want all of these problems resolved with a do it yourself forget HP, simply view this thread, and register/reply with questions.



TheWiz (ComputerLimbo)
well, this tx1000 heat issue definitely isn't a 1% problem, i'm pretty sure everyone who owns this laptop will eventually come accross this problem, first they'll notice it gets hot like hell, even if not using vista (i used kubuntu) This heat thing will at first only be a comfort problem, but later on, wi-fi will die, it will just dissapear, and the problem's not the wi-fi card, that's for sure, so don't even bother buying a new one or an external one. Some time after that, usually a few weeks, the black screen will come, u turn on your laptop and all you'll see is that black screen, it won't even beep or anything, the hp logo won't show up either, you won't even have access to the BIOS, only the blue lights will turn on, but nothing will happen. This is a GPU and only GPU problem, so changing the mobo won't solve it. I dunno if there's a real and definitive solution. When mine experienced the first sympton (wi-fi gone) I searched the web for this and found a very long list of blogs, forums and such with a zillion posts from other hp victims, and many, if not all of them, said "wi-fi first and then it dies". I didn't really believe what they said at first, and I just thought my wi-fi card was screwed, but I didn't have the time to go buy one so I kept using it and got internet access via the ethernet port. I remember I read a few posts from ppl saying they had found a way to bring the laptop back: covering it with a blanket or towel and turn it on for like 2 hours so it would heat up, then turning it off, letting it cool down and it would be back. I LOLed at the idea and thought they were just making fun of ppl with the problem. A few weeks went by and then it happened: I turned on my laptop and all that showed up was a black screen, it was dead. I went back online and came back to the blogs and forums with the blanket solution and ppl claiming it worked. I still didn't dare to try it out fearing damaging my laptop forever, but days went by and I was getting desperate, my laptop simply refused to work. So one good day I tried it, and after it had cooled down I turned it on, nothing happened, same black screen. turned it off and then back on, and nothing, I kept turning it off and on like 10 more times and all I got was the black screen. A couple days later I overheated it again with the blanket and still got no results. The next day I tried again and when it had cooled down I turned it on, and the black screen was still there, turned it off and back on, nothing, then again, and it worked! my laptop was finally back, no wi-fi though, but it was useable. It worked for a few days before the black screen came back, and then I had to try the overheating solution for like 5 times or more to get it to work again, but this time it didnt last at all, I thought my laptop had finally died forever. My days without it were hard so I contacted hp to try and have it repaired, but my warranty had already expired like 10 months before, and sending it to hp to have them just test it costed some good bucks, and repairing it would cost even more, so I immediately gave up on hp as an option. I decided to search for a place where I could have it repaired for less money and found it, they said it could be fixed just by having the gpu replaced, so I handed them the laptop and payed around 100. When I got it back it was working just fine, wi-fi was back and my life went back to normal, but after around 5 or 6 weeks it died again. I wass really pissed and decided I had to buy a new laptop. a few weeks later I got a macbook and I was relieved, but when I looked at my tx1000 just sitting there like a plane in an aircraft graveyard I decided I had to do something. So I went back to the place I had had my hp laptop fixed and they fixed it again for no additional money (which surprised me) and now it's my backup laptop. It's working just fine, but I dunno how long it will be before it dies again so i'm really willing to try that penny fix. I hope my experience to be of use to any of you experiencing problems with your lil' hp tx1000 portable oven.
I was able to get my TX 1000 to boot using the following logic:

Problem: GPU over heating the solder and other components. Solution: I decided to run the computer upside down with the bottom of the laptop facing upwards. I ran it this way for a week in "full power" mode while using the external keyboard+mouse+monitor. Unit was left on day and night. Now it might take one additional power cycle to get it going. Also, it response well to having the power source connected. I realize this is not the real fix but I'm able to use it at work every day now.
I had the same problem last week (Nov 5, 2009), blank screen. The rest of the computer is dead.

Called HP, they claim they have not had problems with this computer. I asked the rep if he has looked at all the web sites with customers complaining. He told me they are not allowed to look at 3rd party sites.

I hardly used this computer, so it took over 2 years for mine to have the GPU connection fail.

Last time I buy a HP. I have a much older Sony Vaio (sz240) that is still going strong.

I'm going to try the YouTube fix of taking apart the computer and re-seating the gpu with a heat lamp.

Just a note for other tx1000 owners that have machines that are still working. I was using Windows 7RC, the pre-release version, my computer seemed to run much cooler, less use of cpu, with Windows 7. Under Vista the computer fan was always on, under 7, not so much.

Might be a prudential upgrade.
I've had the same failure to boot problem. I found 2 potential solutions in the forums: 1. Heat uo the lower right corner w/ a hair dryer 2. open up the PC & follow the YouTube fix. I decided to try the hair dryer first as it was the quickest & easiest fix. Hooray! it worked for me. No idea how long itg will continue but for now my TX1000 is running.. I recommend trying the hair dryer first. Good Luck.
I had the same problem today. I was using the computer and the screen went white with some blueish tint in the corner. I knew it was a hardware problem. Couldn't get the computer to do anything but shut off after holding power for a few seconds. I would not come back on. The power came on with an orange mute light and orange wifi light. No boot. After researching similar problems, people were saying it was the GPU overheating. One video on fixing the problem said to heat the gpu and press it down, add a penny and some thermal compound and that would fix the problem. I didn't believe that would fix it but why not try. Didn't have anything to lose. Well, IT WORKED. I don't know for how long but I'm typing this message from a computer I was about to trash. I have pictures and web links on how to fix it but just search tx1000 and penny trick video. :) HAPPY NOW. jeff_frost_22@hotmail.com
my niece's tx1000 has the same problem, I tried all and about to give up until I checked your forum and found out about "hair dryer" solution, it works! thanks for the tip.
The same black screen problem. Used the blanket method. Never thought it will work. Amazingly it worked. If it fails I will try the hairdryer method. then the penny method.
I had the same problem: A blank(black) screen appeared when I switched it on.
I didn't have a hair dryer. So I just started switching it on and off again and again in rapid succession. My laptop(HP tx2001au) booted normally at the 5th time I switched it on.
Then I backed up all files and restarted the laptop. This time, it booted normally in the first attempt.
I'm highly grateful to the people who posted solutions on this page.
Holy mother of god! The hair dryer trick worked, well not right away. I tried for 1 minute, didn't work. tried for two minutes, didn't work. tried for 3 minutes, let it cool for 5 minutes and BINGO! But, how long will this last? Should I ever turn it off?!!! Obviously, I will find out but I'll post again. Fighting fire with fire works but i'm still pissed about HO's attitude. Okay, so less than 1% of the units are defective, which I doubt it's that low. But that's 10K pissed people for every million units and i'm sure there are several million! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
> the_frog
I bought my TX1305 used of course, before I discovered to my horror all of problems the series carried. When I bought it, it was 2 years old and have had it for 4 months. there was an issue with the touch screen but I disconnected the fingerprint reader and now touch works like a charm. after fixing my black screen with my hair dryer, I wonder if me using a chill pad may have contributed to it. I mean, maybe it worked too well? I don't know, but it's a bunch of BS.
Had the same problem. Was fixed after Wi-Fi adapter was replaced.
OMG me and my friend were surfing the web for the last 5 hours on a fix for this stupid problem, and we were absolutely in hysterics + gobsmacked when we tried the hairdryer trick!

Unfortunately, my laptop stayed on for about 20mins and then it just shut itself off, as though it was going into hibernation/standby and since then I have been unable to turn it back on. At the moment my household are asleep as it is 1:06am in Melb, Aust so I cannot turn the hairdryer on. I will wait until tomorrow and try heating it for a lil longer. I understand that this is just a temporary fix so I am going to attempt the coin solution. Only problem is it is going to be a pain to find a UK penny/coin so does anyone know what I can use that wont be so hard to find in Australia.. Not so much hard to find, but something that I have easier access too would be great lol.

Ok I'll get back to you guys on my mission to get this laptop up and running for good. I want to downgrade it to Xp but I am scared it might power off during installation and then that will just be a hassle... I have a HP Pavilion TX1000.
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i bought HP Pavilion tx 1000 for around 60 grands (INR) two years ago....... exactly a fortnight after the end of the warranty period it broke down ( black screen), called customer assistance - no help, spent another16 grands for d mother board and what not only to witneess its tantrums 4 months later.......... i'm a student and I really dont hav d patience or money for dz piece of shit, so I decided to sell it ......dtz when I came accross dz forum n d answers were like downright funny.......blowdrying your laptop to start it up, cuddling it in a blanket n what not........i was like OMG!! bottom line it all worked 4 me.......but d thing is we didnt buy dz costly "HP" laptop to placate it in a blanket b4 starting it! I would request everyone facing d prob to vent their prob on d link mentiond by cbyrant18 above, n try to make a difference.......
for d moment, I need to ask you 4 things regarding this costly junk............
1. it hs been mentioned dt d fault is wd d nvidia chip..........so will changing d chip help??
2. my wireless light is blue but it ain't detecting any signal........plz instruct me the steps to rectify d same........
3. d speed is turtle like, is it because of the o/s .....i'm using vista........will it help if I change it?
4. when I put a cd/dvd in d drive.....d entire laptop vibrates like it'll jump out of my lap any moment............ any1 else facing d same problem.......?????
thnx in advance ..........
if you're in canada

this is what you should do :

Small Claims

go to their website for detailed information

good luck : it works most of the time
same problem, laptop doesnt work for few days. isn't anything else than this blow dryer? it seems to be temprorary solution :| and if its problem with gpu, would changing graphic card for worst solve problem? eh, I liked this laptop so much
hairblower works 1 to 2 minutes power on couple times then bam!!

nice trick
well I followed one suggestion posted in this forum & got the laptop booted. I overheated it by covering the
vents with tape. after about 40 minutes walaa! boot.
TX 1000
Same issues. Black screen. NO warranty. NO help from HP.
had same problem I saw a few post about the towel trick so I tryed it. laptop is running great so far. As far as HP the can go f-k them self all I know is the guy iam fixing this for will be happy he dose not have to go out and spend another couple hunder of $$$
I have HP pavilion dv2000s, I got the black screen and 3 beeps when booting.. I tried the wrapping solution and it works, but sometimes the problem shows again, and know i'm going to try the hair dryer method if it can give permanent solution,,
i join the others that HP has to recall all the defected laptops..

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