How to format write protected pen drive with file system raw

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 Robin - Mar 30, 2015 at 03:09 PM
my pen drive is not opening at all but shows up at my computer. I've try the following methods but I couldn't.
1. regedit. exe
2. Dos command
3.disk management.
the file system is RAW
please help me.

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I had a similar 'write protect' problem for my EMTEC 16Gb pen drive after it got heavily infected with virus. I tried many tricks outlined here, and nothing worked. Downloaded 'restore' utility from EMTEC website and installed it. This utility has two options - format, and restore. Format didn't work. But 'restore' worked and my pen drive is now initialized and has become usable. Hope this information may help.
i tried may different way (from CMD and regedit using programs re)- no problem with saving the data with all the free programs , but the oly thing that help was the EMTEC option of restor - thank you