How to format write protected pen drive with file system raw

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 Robin -
my pen drive is not opening at all but shows up at my computer. I've try the following methods but I couldn't.
1. regedit. exe
2. Dos command
3.disk management.
the file system is RAW
please help me.

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I had a similar 'write protect' problem for my EMTEC 16Gb pen drive after it got heavily infected with virus. I tried many tricks outlined here, and nothing worked. Downloaded 'restore' utility from EMTEC website and installed it. This utility has two options - format, and restore. Format didn't work. But 'restore' worked and my pen drive is now initialized and has become usable. Hope this information may help.
Thank you

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can you please give me link
Thank you so much brother.
thanks buddy very useful tool
awesome, it work perfectly.
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Try this 1

First go to your pen drive manufacture's website and check if there is any

format utility for your pen drive and then try formatting with it.


Try formatting your pen drive using the "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool".

Click on the below link and download the file.

Good Luck
hi all
if your pendrive files have changed into raw files then only 2 things can make u r pendrive usable
1. format the pendrive using linux window it will format the raw files also
2. you can use software easeusdata recovery for recovery of files
bt may there is no software to format the pendrive in windows
i tried the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool tool but it didnt work
qwerty is right
Lots of thanks, it working and its beneficial
Windows: control panel -> usb drive -> disable -> eject -> place again the usb stick. usb driver recognizes it. try to open it. make the format. it works.. brandNew!
> kostas
thanx its work ...